April 2021

Deaf Parents Honored in Global Event

22 April, 2021 – Boston, MA – Children of Deaf Adults (CODA) International is proud to announce the 25th anniversary of Mother Father Deaf Day/Deaf Parents Day on Sunday, 25 April 2021.  Hearing children of Deaf adults…

Dance Like a Tree for 15 seconds – and for Climate

Piplantri, India – April 22, 2021 – Dance like a Tree is initiating the world’s largest video dance challenge supporting tree planting around the world to address Climate Change. According to Co-Directors Soani Gunawan and J….

2021 Global Blockchain Employment Report

Napa, California Apr 16, 2021 – The Blockchain Academy today announced the release of the 2021 Global Blockchain Employment Report. Blockchain Technology, an invention on par with the internet itself, is just beginning to transform business…

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ELON COIN Launches Cryptocurrency on 04/20

Columbia, South Carolina, Apr 21, 2021 – Greener LLC launched ELON COIN today at www.eloncoin.sale, with pre-purchasing available at half price for initial buyers. ELON COIN is a distributed application that runs on the Ethereum network,…