Airbnb Expert, Sam Zuo, Debuts E-Commerce Course for Passive Income

San Francisco, CA – March 22, 2019 – Sam Zuo, founder of Airbnb Rental Arbitrage, is the foremost Airbnb expert and he’s now showing others how to turn properties into a highly lucrative income resource with his newly released Passive Airbnb e-course. He’s even providing individuals with five mini lessons so they can see firsthand how the process works and how they can emulate his methods.

“I help people start a six-figure short-term rental business on Airbnb without owning a single home,” said Zuo.

Millions of people have joined the ranks of entrepreneurs earning a passive income by renting properties to others without owning a single property of their own. Budding entrepreneurs that participate in the Passive Airbnb course will learn the three key elements to building their own business – how to quickly locate profitable properties, finding landlords willing to sublet their properties, and how to maximize earnings while placing their business on autopilot.

The seven-week course provides all the information individuals need to go into business for themselves and begin realizing their earning potential. The course addresses understanding the legal aspects and learning exactly how an Airbnb business operates. Individuals will also discover how to identify the most profitable locations from which to select properties.

One of the key components of operating an Airbnb Arbitrage business is locating landlords that already own properties that they’re willing to sublease. The e-course provides in-depth information on how to negotiate with landlords to obtain the best terms. The course will also show individuals how to publicize the properties in ways that will maximize their earning potential, and marketing templates will be provided.

The ultimate goal is to establish a business that is self-sustaining and requires little oversight. The e-course shows individuals exactly how to accomplish that. The Passive Airbnb e-course is practical and provides very specific information that people can begin to use immediately. Airbnb Arbitrage entrepreneurs don’t need properties of their own to be successful and there are no mortgages or rental property investments required.

The Passive Airbnb model is the modern way to create passive rental income from properties without any of the monetary investment involved in antiquated methods. The seven-week e-course shows people how to leverage the properties of others using the same strategies and techniques Zuo uses himself that have made him the leading authority on Airbnb entrepreneurship.

“The trouble with Internet gurus and coaches is that their information, while sometimes helpful, is not necessarily consistent with real world scenarios. Additionally, they are usually highly overpriced. Sam’s Airbnb training is a nice exception to this. His coaching and training material is very specific and practical. Plus, he doesn’t charge a small fortune for it. Compared to others, Sam’s program is affordable and of great value. I found the material and his coaching to be very useful in my Airbnb business.” – Greg Dabicci, Property Manager & Airbnb Entrepreneur

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Sam Zuo is the founder of Airbnb Arbitrage, creator of Passive Airbnb, a serial entrepreneur, author, blogger and life enthusiast. He started his first mobile app company at the age of 19.

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