Business Coach, Vassiena Adesanya, Specializes in the Language of Success

New York, NY – March 20, 2019 – The most successful people in the world speak the language of sustainable success and Vassiena Adesanya is a native speaker of the communication form. In her upcoming book, “Your Head is More Than a Hat Rack,” she shares easy, proven steps to help individuals grow their business and improve their life through the language of success.

An author, entrepreneur, speaker and Business Transformation coach Adesanya challenges you to LevelUp in your life and business. She is committed to helping individuals unlock their potential for greatness. The creator of LevelUp Transformations an Entrepreneurship and personal development academy she is dedicated to helping you create the business and life of your dreams. group and one-on- one coaching She offers a variety of LevelUp trainings including her core training “How to Create Personal and Financial Freedom With Your Online Course,” as well as group or one-on-one coaching and live seminars. Individuals can also request her “Next Level Transformation Assessment.”

Vassiena’s is not the quintessential rags to riches story, but rather one of riches to rags to riches, as her childhood was characterized by abundance and financial stability. By the turn of the 21st century she was broken and in financial ruin. She attributes her downward spiral to the perverbial rock bottom to faulty self-talk. Words matter and they have the power to create or destroy. Nowhere is that more important than in the internal conversations that individuals conduct within their own mind, even if they don’t realize they’re doing it.

An early learner and implementer of neuro-linguistic programming that’s the language of the mind. Vassiena resurrected her life from a state of brokeneness to earning a five-figure monthly income in 60 days. One of the most often overlooked elements on the journey to success is the human dimension of language and communication with one’s self which Adesanya takes that into full account.

Adesanya provides individuals with the tools, strategies and inspiration to overcome fear, anxiety and negative influences that prevent them from becoming the greatest version of themselves and achieving sustainable success personally and as entrepreneurs. This self- talk expert also addresses extraneous elements that can divert individuals from their ultimate goals. She provides strategies that anyone can begin to implement immediately to create the type of success they desire.

A Les Brown certified motivational speaker and success coach, Adesanya understands that happiness and success mean different things to each person, whether it’s in their personal or professional life. She helps them identify their true goals and helps set them on a path to their own version of success.

Adesanya is fluent in the language of sustainable success and applies an integrated approach that’s beneficial for the individual, and by extension the people that work for them, their families, the environment, and the community at large. She shares easy, proven steps to help people scale their business and improve their life.

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About Vassiena Adesanya

Vassiena Adesanya is a Business and Mindset coach, speaker, serial entrepreneur, author, soon-to-be podcast radio and internet TV show host, and the creator of the personal development firm LevelUp Transformations. The daughter of a Baptist minister and a descendant of generations of educators and entrepreneurs, she’s been entrenched since birth in the principles of personal development, human potential, financial independence and entrepreneurship. She’s studied for more than three decades from noted gurus that includes Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Iyanla Vanzant, Zig Ziglar and Jesus Christ. She teaches men and women that it’s never too late tobecome the you, that you were created to be.

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