Homemade Treats Can Change a Pet’s Quality of Life

Farmhouse Pet Blends, a company specializing in the pet treat industry, just launched a new website for pet parents wanting to understand the health benefits provided by the foods they are feeding their pets. They have developed a process that now allows the consumer to pick and choose each ingredient that goes into their pet treat baking mix, thus giving pets a one of a kind treat that is tailor-made to their individual taste and health needs.

While scrolling through the ingredient choices on their website (https://farmhousepetblends.com), each ingredient has a description of the health benefit it provides. Creating a customized pet blend makes it simple to give pets homemade treats, made from real food and fit to their individual dietary needs. The baking mix is quick and simple to prepare. Just add water, mix and bake, that’s it! Of course, if a pet parent wants to be more creative, the custom pet blend can also be used in place of flour in any other recipe that calls for it. Baking homemade pet treats (or a healthy kibble) has never been easier!

When asked why using a customized bake at home baking mix is a better option than just grabbing a box off the store shelf, Teri Fulkerson, who is the owner of Farmhouse Pet Blends, states “For myself, personally, it’s a much better alternative because it allows me to choose my own blend of ingredients to fit the individual needs of my pets. Having a senior dog, and also a dog with food allergies means that every single ingredient I feed them makes a difference in their quality of life. If I feed my arthritic dog something containing wheat or soy, which can be found in many commercial dog treats, it can aggravate his arthritis causing him pain and chronic inflammation, which, over time will wear the body down and can shorten his lifespan. I don’t want to see that happen, so instead, I bake my own mix of healthy ingredients and functional foods that will help ease his pain. I love my pets and want to do everything I can to give them the best life possible. To me it’s a no brainer. This is something simple that I can do that’s going to enhance their lives in a tremendous way. So why wouldn’t I?”

Dogs and cats have become a part of the family, and providing them with the right food has a major and positive impact on their mental health and overall well-being. Besides, who doesn’t love a kitchen filled with the smell of baked treats.

About Farmhouse Pet Blends

Farmhouse Pet Blends™ is a family owned business which encourages and promotes the dynamic relationship between people and their pets.

Partnering with Clear Conscience Pet, as well as other family owned and employee owned companies in the USA, their custom blends provide you with the opportunity to create a baking mix with natural foods and supplements, adding a personalized level of nutritional value that is specific to your cat or dog.

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