Just Ask Parker! Disrupting the way new online stores get traffic and sales

New York, NY, USA – May 15, 2019 – Until now Shopify merchants have been setting up shop and finding that the sales are not so easy to get…

With over 2,000 ecommerce merchants failing weekly due to lack of interest from potential buyers, marketing has never been so important to the success of a Shopify store. Those Shopify merchants who have been told to set up a store and that they can make money without any effort, are starting to realise that they need to take serious action to get sales.

Holly had this problem. After starting an ecommerce business as a “side hustle” she found sales were not so easy to come by. It got to the point she has to take a part-time job to pay for the Facebook marketing team who were meant to get her sales and after 6 months she realised that her strategy wasn’t working. Holly was frustrated that nothing was working and came across Caroline’s podcast, Holly listened for a few months and she decided Caroline was the real deal. Someone who genuinely wanted to help Shopify merchants like her.

What makes Caroline different is that after helping merchants for 12 years she realised there had to be a better way, a cheaper way, an easier way. And so Just Ask Parker! Was founded. The team offer all marketing services, but what makes this service truly unique is they remove the “middle management” which is what saves merchants so much money. They also offer advice from the team and from expert advisors. On top of that they offer a training academy. The beauty of this is that Shopify merchants can find everything in 1 place. Whether you want to work on a mini strategy for your Instagram or Ads, learn about your social media or whether you want to ask the team to do a task for you. It’s all possible.

“I see so many amazing brands and ideas, and I know all they are lacking is the money to get those first 1000 sales. After that it’s easier… So my goal is to get as many stores past that first hurdle. Yes it’s the hardest, but I’m crazy enough to make it happen!” Says Caroline Balinska.  

It’s all about empowerment.

“I want everyone to feel empowered by the diverse lessons they will learn and learning what options they have to help get more sales”, explains Caroline.

Today Holly feels like she is finally on the right track. She can move forward successful and with understanding with what she needs to do next.

For more information, visit: https://www.justaskparker.com/

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