Karma Honey Project- The Salvation of bees all around the world

“Karma Honey Project’s vision and mission are truly affirmative in keeping the fragile balance of the ecosystem preserved through providing depleted population of bee cultures all around the world, and raise full-fledged awareness about them.”

Miami, Florida- Karma Honey Project and its founder, Candice Galek, are all set with their plans and objectives to bring about a resurgence in the bee population of Puerto Rico, which they feel is an integral part of maintaining the state of the ecosystem, not just in the country but all across the world.
The Karma Honey Project is a collective that takes a special interest in everything related to bees- their population, spreading awareness about the species, creating jobs through ecotourism and the entire profession of interest of beekeeping. Bees are certainly an innate and essential part of the world ecosystem for the simple reason of being responsible of pollination- the natural dispersion of pollens or seeds from any one plant over any entire area. The Puerto Rican bees is interesting because it is docile and is resistant to varroa mite. But, due to Hurricane Maria their population has dwindled significantly, which is of quite concern for the project and all its associates.
But, the most essential thing to keep in mind is that Karma Honey Project is just not about increasing the population of bees all around the world, it also tries to ensure that these essential creatures find a place in it. To this end, the project members come in contact with farmers, scientists, beekeepers, removal specialists etc. who are instrumental in the project’s mission of creating and raising interests of all mankind regarding the cause of bees.The cause and approach implemented by Karma Honey Project is certainly of note, to know more about them, one can visit their website at https://karmahoneyproject.com/pages/about-us

Founded in 2018, Candice Galek’s motivation for Karma Honey Project came to the forefront after she experienced the condition of the Puerto Rican bee population. However, the project’s entire proposition of interest includes each and every single bee living in this world. On an immediate basis, the main objective of the Project is to assist in the saving of bees and raising their numbers for the sake of the ecological system of the world. Long term, the Project would promote and raise awareness about bees through eco-tourism across interesting locales and pollinations farms.