Rapha Dental Centre Offering Family Dental Care Solutions by Professional Dentists

Rapha Dental Centre is providing a full range of family dental care solutions, from general dentistry to preventative solutions, interceptive and adult orthodontics, and dental implants.

Rapha Dental Centre is a family dental clinic that specializes in several areas, including dental filling, teeth cleaning, dentures, crowns and bridges, root canal therapy, extraction, implantation, orthodontics, and TMJ therapy respectively. The clinic offers dental hygiene solutions that range from calculus removal to fluoride treatments. Rapha Dental Centre provides professional cleaning that involves scaling and root planning to remove bacteria and calcified plaque.Routine cleaning decreases the inflammation of the gum tissue that causes gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis.

The lead dentist at Rapha Dental Centre, Dr. Keith Chan,shared in a recent interview,“Our registered dental hygienists also offer oral hygiene advice and provide information on different dental treatment options to keep one’s breath feeling and smelling fresh. We recommend patients to visit a dental clinic once every six months for a dental check-up and professional teeth cleaning. This keeps them away from developing serious teeth and gum diseases that have the power to land up a patient in an emergency.”

Rapha Dental Centre not only offers general dentistry and preventative solutions, but it also provides orthodontic treatment and braces to straighten the teeth so they look and work better.Depending on the age and case presentation, different orthodontic methods are used to straighten teeth. For young children after the age of 7 years, if malocclusion is detected early, interceptive orthodontics helps with straightening teeth.For the patients whose jaw growth is complete, the clear aligners or braces correct the malocclusion.

Dr. Keith Chan further informed, “Due to financial and other issues, many people ignore even basic dental care. However, it is an issue that must be kept on priority. With several government programs and subsidies, it has become much easier to afford dental care at any age. At Rapha, we provide quick appointments to all our patients so that their dental problems do not turn into an emergency situation. We have caring family dentists and certified specialists in endodontics to deliver all types of dental treatments while adopting a comprehensive approach to the care of the teeth and the mouth.”

For patients looking for a Prince George dentist https://raphadentalcentre.ca/or a Prince George family dental https://raphadentalcentre.ca/clinic for implantation purposes, Rapha Dental Centre also does the same. The clinic uses dental implants for replacing the roots of teeth and for anchoring a bridge, denture or single dental crown.Rapha Dental Centre offers dental implant treatment for a single tooth, several teeth and all teeth (fixed and removable). The clinic provides cost-effective dental treatments, as well as a comfortable treatment environment for its patients.


About Rapha Dental Centre:

Rapha Dental Centreoffers a complete range of solutions for family dental in Prince George https://raphadentalcentre.ca/. The clinic provides all basic and complex dental solutions that range from composite restorations to root canal therapy. Patients can also get preventative solutions, such as stain and deposit removal, treatment of gum disease, desensitizing, re-mineralizing treatment, and dental night guards and sports guards. Additionally, Rapha Dental Centre has professionals to advise itspatients aboutdental care and hygiene maintenance.


Contact Information:

Rapha Dental Centre

103-892 Central St E,

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Phone: 250-564-3848

Email: contact@raphadentalcentre.ca

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Mon – Fri: 8 am – 5 pm