Real Estate Specialist Beth McCloskey Reveals 7 Secrets to Buying and Selling Real Estate in Orange County, CA

Huntington Beach, CA, United States – The Orange County real estate market is a hub of activity, with literally thousands of properties available for sale, ranging from simple residential homes to luxurious estates. However, due to such tremendous activity and dynamic nature of the market, not only is the competition stiff, the entire process of buying and selling homes can be quite overwhelming for even seasoned homebuyers and sellers.

A top real estate specialist from Orange Country is poised to reveal seven secrets to buying and selling real estate, which will help homeowners net the most with the sale of their home, and buyers attain a home at reasonable rates and gain exposure to off market properties. Beth McCloskey excels in negotiation and first-hand knowledge of Orange County’s real estate market and current trends. With years of experience and expertise on her side, Beth is sharing insider secrets, action-planning resources and a decision-making guide.

In her webinar series, people will learn how to:

Get offers accepted in bidding wars
Sell homes above community comps
Leverage down payments ― purchase ADDITIONAL properties without coming out of pocket
Use the invisible internet to win over sellers
Leverage Social Media ― Get an inside scoop with off market homes   
Enhance listings with Augmented reality marketing
Turn a $500 community event into your dream home, within your dream neighborhood and at your dream price

According to Beth McCloskey, “ The demand in Orange County is at all time highs making the buyers and sellers smarter than ever. This is creating an opportunity for forward thinking Realtors that market with a foundation of value and ingenuity.  I believe I own this space because of my; dream team of specialist, unrivaled inside access to all neighborhoods, technological/market expertise through Startup companies and Venture Capitalist, human expertise (with a degree in Psychology and heels on the ground) – I have a deep understanding of human nature and a deeper understanding of the Orange County Real Estate market. This has been developed by working with the smartest and brightest; Realtors, Lenders, Advisors and Lawyers in this space.”

Apart from being a real estate expert, Beth McCloskey is also the founder and owner of ARIO INC. Beth’s team provides Free Property Analyses, exposure to inside pocket listings and in the future will create an augmented Reality division, striving to be on the cutting edge of Real Estate tools at all times… “think Pokemon Go but instead of chasing pretend creatures, Beth will have people chasing $5,000,000 homes”.

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About Beth McCloskey

One of coastal Orange County’s most trusted real estate professionals, Beth McCloskey brings to her career not only a genuine passion for helping clients buy and sell property, but an impressive academic background as well. Having earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a certificate in addiction counseling before working as a neurological research assistant and crisis stabilization counselor, Beth is compassionate, conscientious and detail-oriented—three characteristics that have come to define the work she does in her career today as a real estate agent. Acutely sensitive to the needs of others, Beth has a remarkable ability to discern what her clients really want—and this fact is what’s made her a favorite among buyers and sellers in pursuit of the highest level of real estate service.

Beth McCloskey is available for media appearances and interviews.