Retest Launches its new Flagship products: testing solution recheck and intuitive GUI review!

Automated tests are hard to create, often fragile and incomplete, retest has responded by supporting a different testing paradigm.

Karlsruhe, Germany – March 21st, 2019 – retest is proud to announce the release of our new checking solution recheck and GUI test tool review. recheck is a difference testing approach – it checks whole webpages with minimal effort instead of manually defining each specification. review is an efficient, intuitive and easy to use GUI application – that will reduce the learning curve for recheck and allow users to maintain their tests with 1 Click!

The current state of GUI test automation is broken. Tests are created and maintained manually which leads them to being fragile and brittle, to fail often and report a number of false positives. If a developer does not specify a particular element or attribute within the code, it is not checked.

With developers and their complex testing issues in mind, retest created recheck – an open source API and CLI and review – a licensed GUI test tool. recheck checks for everything on a webpage with one line of code and produces a Golden Master artifact, making the process of test creation easier than ever before. Additionally, the improved element detection makes tests more robust and reduces the number of false positives. This means if the test fails with recheck, it was meant to fail.

review is an efficient and intuitive GUI application that accepts or ignores changes easily and seamlessly. With review developers and testers have a reduced learning curve with its patented 1-click mechanism. Unlike our competitors, review is not a SaaS tool; it is a fully functional stand-alone product that works offline. This means detested test maintenance is removed from the user’s workload.

“Our vision is to fix GUI test automation. Our difference testing approach makes test automation efficient, robust and more complete. Our goal is to set this paradigm as a new standard in test automation,” said Dr. Jeremias Rößler, CEO & Founder of ReTest GmbH.


Founded in 2017, retest is a software startup that will make GUI testing as simple, useful and efficient as possible. It uses the revolutionary paradigm of Difference Testing together with smart algorithms and AI to create innovative testing solutions.

If you would like more information about recheck and review, please call Whitney Carmichael at +49 721-72380108 or email or visit us online at

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