A Unique Case Study of Successful Corporate Diversity in Modern Society

The MIT45 Lifestyle Brand, previously and affectionately known as the ‘Band of Misfits’, has gone from a small ragtag group into a diverse and culturally sound corporate team… and rapidly gaining market share and on the way to dominate the industry.

Oct 21, 2021 – Los Angeles, CA – MIT45 has grown into a well-known lifestyle brand, particularly over the last 2 years, and has cemented itself as the “Gold Standard” of the industry. Recently they were recognized in LA Newswire and in multiple other publications for excellent corporate culture developed over the previous couple of years, and for providing a work environment of inclusion and diversity that has improved performance of the staff.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are important in the workplace in the modern era and beyond. Failing to consider a person’s cultural fit can have negative consequences for both themselves as well as others around them. This is something one of the C-level executives of the company, Dalton Locke, has discovered along the way. After multiple failed attempts the hiring team started to make headway and eventually found their stride, eventually resulting with Mr. Dalton Locke being recognized for excellence in this area. Bringing in someone from another culture also requires consideration of their unique qualities that will help make your company more vibrant with different perspectives on problems faced by those working at companies across industries.

James Andon, a recent hire and culture fit with more than 10 years in high levels of operations and ecommerce, had this to say after his transition into MIT45…

Culture add is the idea that a new hire’s unique skills, abilities, and personality can enrich an already existing company culture. This means companies are not looking for people who have similar personalities but instead somebody to bring in their own perspective which will complement what exists within your team or workplace environment as well as satisfy some other need you might be experiencing too.

Hiring the right people is always a priority for any company, but it’s important to think about both culture fit and adding something unique too. Hiring someone who has contributed to their field of expertise can help your organization grow while also ensuring there isn’t an absence when you need them most – even if that means hiring two different types of profiles depending on what’s needed at the time!”

This appears to be a critical time for developing the right work environment, particularly as many other companies are finding it difficult to shift their culture to match the times. Those who have achieved this modern workplace culture has found significant improvements in revenue and the ability to attract talent, such as Netflix who has increased revenue consistently as they modified the work environment to focus on achievement rather than a focus on hours.

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