Aetna ACA Contracting, Training And Commissions Made Simple By BenaVest’s Industry-Leading Autopilot Software

BenaVest assists agents through the Aetna ACA agent appointments and training process, making it more convenient and faster through their new appointment portal.

Hollywood, FL – November 30, 2022 – In 2022, BenaVest was one of the top ACA General Agency FMOs across the board with ACA carriers. They were able to assist agents in getting appointed overnight through their new AI appointment system.

The organized and speedy appointment process that BenaVest has created allows agents to get contracted with Aetna and feel at ease through the whole contracting process. This happens within a couple of business days due to their autopilot software systems. BenaVest’s Aetna Broker Contracting​ manager, Tina Gannon, said, “Aetna is a great carrier for agents to have in their arsenal because Aetna has some of the most competitive pricing in the largest markets. They also provide great consumer benefits like their healthy rewards programs.”

Aetna plan options are expanding this year in 4 states as of 09/06/22. Including California, Delaware, New Jersey, and Illinois. The expansion opens up new opportunities for agents and brokers.

The All-Access Members site is an in-depth platform accessible to all appointed BenaVest agents.

The new Platform has 4 primary components, Client Marketing, Agency Builder Platform, Agent Training & Tool Maximizer, and Carrier Resource page for almost every Health, Life, and Annuity Carrier in the industry.

BenaVest has created one of the most in-depth ACA training platforms for agents and brokers. The platform is open to all BenaVest agents and any of their downline agents. Within the BenaVest All-Access Membership site, agents can find the all-encompassing ACA training. This includes the ACA sales training, open enrollment training, important ACA resources, Product specific training (such as Aetna plans and programs), and much more. BenaVest has all that an agent will need to learn and sell quality Aetna ACA plans in one place.

The marketing portion of the platform comes equipped with a client marketing section that was designed to give agents the same marketing tools that Benavest itself has used to generate over 500,000 leads and convert and enroll over 100,000 ACA consumers. BenaVest has over $2,000,000 in co-op set aside for the upcoming open enrollment period for 2023 that they are looking to share with producers and partner agencies that have established a good relationship with BenaVest.  These agents can strategically put together co-op client marketing campaigns and match their budget by BenaVest, all in their easy-to-use, zero-cost platform. BenaVest also offers agents free & paid lead options, top of the line sales training, free physical marketing materials, a free enrollment platform (after 10 Enrollments), free E&O (after 20 enrollments), free search engine optimized ACA/Obamacare website, a free local 10 pack SEO marketing package, and much more.

Regina Sara (Director) says, “If BenaVest’s primary goal when creating this new platform was to build an insurance agent platform that encompasses everything an insurance agent needs to write more business and build an agency, we have succeeded! We have agents that have recruited 30 agents in 30 days and new agents that have also written over 2000 policies in 30 days using our step-by-step marketing guides, so I guess we are doing something right!”

About BenaVest

BenaVest is a national insurance FMO General Agency specializing in ACA and other health insurance products.  BenaVest offers top-of-the-line training, carrier contracts, zero-cost marketing platforms, and a diversified variety of products so that agents can compete in the insurance market. Their primary goal is to develop professional agents and agencies by providing high-quality marketing materials, training, and support.

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