American Startup, 16VIT, Launches Gummy Supplements for Modern Gamer Health and Wellness

16VIT’s variety of gummy supplements and multivitamins geared towards the modern gamer helps them focus and sleep better, making them feel rejuvenated through enhanced eye and joint health.

Boise, Idaho – March 13, 2020 – 16VIT has launched a variety of new gamer-focused supplements including START, BLINK, CONTINUE and RESET to help change the gaming supplements niche which is littered with a variety of energy drinks that do not better the wellness of the modern gamer.

For a long time, the gaming industry has continued to see increased supplements, energy drinks and multivitamins that focused only on high intensity gamers while neglecting the health side-effects of gaming and needs of the average player.

16VIT’s products want to address the full-fledged lifestyle fitness to ensure the wellness of the modern gamer is always paramount. The startup’s gummy supplements are beyond reproach, manufactured by a GMP certified facility in the USA, they maintain the promise of purity, safety and potency.

“We are positioned to tap into an ever-growing vitamin supplements market for gamers through crafting benefit specific vitamins designed with gamers’ unique wellness needs in mind,” said Troy Gregory, the Founder of 16VIT.

Started by a team with over 10 years’ experience in healthcare, 16VIT is poised to bring focus and better sleep among other healthy habits to many average gamers in the eSports economy that is growing to become an industry worth billions of dollars per year.

In addition to launching their line of tasty gummy supplements, 16VIT is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to raise $100,000 for brand building with rewards to all the contributors. From getting a year worth of supplements to conference sponsorships, 16VIT’s supporters will be well rewarded for their belief in the company’s mission. Through partnerships, the startup has partnered with several affiliates, inherently gamers who love their supplements in order to grow the company’s network and bring the products to every gamer around the world.

About 16VIT

16VIT is a startup based in Boise, Idaho, that is developing premium gaming supplements that addresses the wellness needs of modern players. The company has a variety of products named START, BLINK, CONTINUE and RESET that it has launched to gamers around the world. These products improve a gamer’s focus, sleep, eye and joint health.





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