Amortization-Calc Debuts new Loan Calculator with Summary Features

Dec 16, 2020 – Amortization-Calc announced that it has released a new mortgage calculator with a new interface that makes it even easier for individuals to determine multiple types of information about different types of loans. Free to use, the calculator will automatically provide information based on multiple variables and provide an easy-to-understand mortgage repayment summary.

Amortization-Calc’s calculator takes a variety of information into account to help individuals determine if they can afford the loan they’re considering. The interface enables users to enter the purchase price or amount of loan, interest rate and down payment, along with the loan’s term and when the first payment would be due. Individuals will also be able to ascertain the pay-off date.

The loan calculator can be set to different types of loans. Individuals can select from a mortgage, refinancing and the amount of home equity. The calculator can be set for a home, car or student education loan. Users can select from a personal or business loan and installments. Those considering a consolidation or payday loan can also learn what they’ll have to pay back. The new Amortization-Calc tool will also check the current interest rates and loan terms by weeks, months and years.

The release of the calculator is an especially important tool now when property prices are at a premium. There are far more people that want to purchase a home than there are properties available. The tool can tell people if they can afford a specific property, if they’ll need to save a larger down payment, and it’s accurate across multiple areas of the nation.

It’s particularly beneficial for those considering a payday loan. Many people use the loans to meet unexpected and unforeseen expenses, but the interest rates are predatory and individuals can quickly find themselves in far more debt than they expected. The new calculator doesn’t include the cost of taxes and insurance, but does help people make more informed decisions about their finances.

The release of the Amortization-Calc calculator comes at a propitious time. It enables individuals to instantly compare rates and how they can save money. It will tell people the price range to stay within and the best length of time to seek for their loan.

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