An Immigrant Single Mother Created a Multi Million Business by Selling Maternity Clothing on Amazon

Krystina Uradzimskaya is a 33-year old successful entrepreneur who was raised in a small, impoverished former Soviet Union republic, known today as Belarus. Life was difficult growing up. Her parents struggled to afford the bare minimum necessary for the family, let alone have the luxury of worrying about the quality of clothing. Her mother worked long hours as a seamstress in a factory. Despite extreme mental and physical fatigue sustained working long hours at such a demanding job, she patiently taught Krystina how to make patterns, sew, and create designs imitating those advertised by models in Western magazines. In her small town, she was known for her flattering, yet simple designs. Through the years, she honed her skills and became exceptionally talented. Any project that came her way, she took on without hesitation.

At the age of twenty, she immigrated to United States with $200, the only money she had to her name. But along with that, she brought determination, persistence, and drive. She was used to the wardrobe she had designed for herself back home, but unfortunately could not bring with herself to United States. Shopping at major box retailers and trying on ill-fitting, overpriced clothing made her situation that much more unbearable. Fast forward to her pregnancy, Krystina found herself in a similar dilemma: the available choice of clothing sold at stores were poorly designed, over-priced, and extremely uncomfortable. She was a single mom who was struggling to find work-life balance and coping with financial challenges. Coming from a third-world country, she expected retailers in this country to offer women more sensible and affordable choices. That was when an idea was born. From that moment on, she decided that she was going to build a company that caters to women’s needs, specifically expectant mothers. She has three major factors in mind: to simplify their already busy schedules, not hurt their wallet, and make them feel beautiful and comfortable.

Until recently, pregnant women have been forced to hide their beautiful tummies in layers of fabric: upside down pleats, smock tops, and empire waists. Conservative views passed down from generation to generation taught young women that conception was a shameful thing to display. But thanks to brave trailblazers like Jackie Kennedy, women have been given a chance to express themselves and be proud of their bodies. Jackie Kennedy was innovative with her tailored and elegant trend even before her children were born. She bravely went against the outdated mindset and showed off her pregnancy with chic panache. From that time forward, pregnancy clothes have been through various adaptations. Women began to welcome brighter colors and embrace their bump, sometimes even baring the midriff. A few celebrities even self-advertised their bellies with an air of allure.

Today, you are a new mom-to-be. You will now be worrying about another human being or possibly beings. These are just a few of the anxiety-inducing things you have already started worrying about: maintaining a healthy diet, starting and continuing a healthy exercise routine, taking your vitamins, getting enough sleep, staying positive, managing heartburn, backaches, leg cramps, nauseous smells, and juggling a heavy workload. The last thing you need to be worrying about is finding the time, energy, and desire to go shopping for clothes that will fit your ever-growing belly. You’ve probably tried those over-sized T-shirts. While they’re comfortable, they aren’t working so well for going out, are they? Let’s not mention after delivery? Just you wait for those hormones to take you back to your teenage puberty years… You will be full of emotions that will have you all over the place. On top of that, sleep deprivation will have you walking around the house like a zombie. There is nothing anyone can do or say to prepare you for the changes that have already begun happening to your mind and body on this journey.

To help you ease into this new reality, Krystina has stitched together a plan, envisioning a way for women to embrace the silhouette of pregnancy with a cute, sustainable, comfortable, and affordable wardrobe. She is the Founder of Pregnology: a versatile maternity clothing brand created by a mother for mothers. The innovative designs will dress you from your yoga class to a dinner date while feeling comfortable. These clothes are ergonomically designed to expand with your growing belly during those hectic months and for years of parenthood.

During pregnancy, the body undergoes an amazing transformation, extraordinarily creating another human being. Although an average pregnancy lasts nine months, women struggle with major changes that happen to their bodies both during and for years afterwards. Unfortunately, the clothing industry has not yet fully recognized the needs of millions of women struggling to cope with such a significant event in their lives, and this is exactly what Krystina plans to tackle.

We have designed a capsule collection that provides you with six pieces of clothing: a pair of leggings, three tank tops, dress, and a choice of either a pair of shorts, capris, or another dress all for the price of $100. This is a one-stop solution for your maternity clothing needs – an unsurpassed quality and affordability to embolden you to embrace the power and beauty of pregnancy! Moreover, they have been designed with an attention to detail that would make her mom proud!

One thing is for sure: once pregnant, life as you have known it will forever be changed. This beautiful transformation is not a temporary one. Women’s bodies continue to morph throughout the years. But the good news is that Pregnology will always be there for you, holding your hand all the way through your pregnancy and beyond. The clothes have been designed to enhance your femininity and boost your confidence with glamour and flair. My mother taught me that when you look your best, you feel your best. That is my mission for you. You are pregnant, and you are beautiful! Flaunt it!

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