Covid Takes Another Toll On The LA Music Industry

In these times of COVID-19-related uncertainty in every walk of life, the arts and entertainment industries are not immune. Not every artist is in a position to record from home and work collaboratively over the Internet. There’s an element of in-person collaboration that is essential to producing the art and entertainment that gives people’s lives pleasure and respite from the pressures of the world. With artists less able than ever to connect, travel, and collaborate freely, the impact on LA and the arts and entertainment industries has been stark. Now, more than ever, new solutions are needed simply to resume operations as normal, much less to get the creative juices sufficiently flowing to begin to satiate the demand for beauty and comfort that has arisen in the wake of so many losses and lockdowns.

It was for this purpose – to facilitate the chance meetings, creative lock-in and resources that artists need to thrive and create the work that brings people joy – that a small group of friends banded together to create – The Dock. A studio and multipurpose creative event space in LA/Burbank area, with convenient proximity to film/TV studios, freeways and the airport, The Dock is everything that modern creatives need to succeed – and negotiations are starting at $2.5MM.

The Dock boasts 5.000 square feet, which includes seven studio spaces (with no shared walls) designed to sound great with the highest quality soundproofing, a patio, live stage, great for live-streaming with film screen, audience seating area, and additional lounge space. The ventilation system and other current safety measures are ideal for COVID-19 precautions. There are already current monthly tenants paying for units within the space, who love the privacy, quiet, safety and nondescript nature of The Dock. It’s perfect for and has been used for master classes, events, release parties, film screenings, art shows, photo shoots, music videos and more.

Contact David Whitely at for more information. Don’t sleep on the chance to help bring back art, camaraderie, and connection.

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