CyberSecurity Attacks continue in 2021, how to prepare – real life lessons shared

Singapore – February 2, 2021 – osDORO, an online platform that connects large enterprises to flexible premium office space solutions, had experienced a cybersecurity attack during their launch. In an interview with Ruth Haller on her de.risk podcast, the co-founders David Dinh, Anders Lim and Arthur Truong discuss their experience and advice for other startup companies.

On the day of the scheduled launch, the team thwarted countless cybersecurity attacks from competitors in the competitive marketplace, which continues to be an ongoing federal and state crime investigation. This unexpected and unfortunate event forced them to delay their launch. However, the CTO, Arthur with his strong background in enterprise software development and quick thinking, was able to rectify the situation swiftly. Learning from their mistakes, osDORO has now set up two-factor authentication on all social media accounts and automatic daily data backup to Amazon servers. Despite this setback, osDORO has been striving in the coworking industry, now having Asia’s largest network of coworking and commercial office space. The year 2021 is looking bright for the little guy being heard amongst big names.

A key comment the trio stated is to never underestimate competitors as any business is vulnerable to be cyberattacks. As Anders Lim mentions in this interview:

“If you have created a business that adds value to the market, never be complacent and always be aware that there are other players and competitors that want access to your information.”

With almost everything uploaded online, from bank account details to personal information, it is especially important to have adequate protection online. Statistics from osDORO’s data analytics team reveal that 78% of new companies, specifically start-ups and small enterprises, have been a victim to a cybersecurity attackin the past 12 months. Being cyber secure ensures protection of confidential company data, customer information and ensures no loss of revenue.

With that being said, some important ways to prevent  cybersecurity attacks include:

  • Employing multi-layered defences, such as installing antivirus or DoS CloudFlare, to minimise the risk of being exposed to viruses and hackers
  • Have data backed up daily such as through Amazon servers
  • Implement strong passwords, with upper and lower cases, symbols and numbers. Ensure they are changed every three months and be wary of whom they shared with, such as contractors or interns.

“Don’t disregard the fact that there are other stakeholders who have access to your data internally as a startup. They may be interns, they may be staff that you’re hiring as contractors. And nothing should go unchecked… such as passwords and security codes.” – David Dinh in de.risk interview.

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