Difi Swap Launches On Binance With Some Of the lowest Fees In Crypto

DiFi Swap (Link Here) just launch rapid crypto swap with some of the lowest fees in crypto.

DeFi and CeFi colluded, extracted their better bits and an improved hybrid – DiFi Swap was created. DiFi Swap inherits the best features of both Defi and CeFi. DiFi Swap stands for Distributed Finance and incorporates vital features of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Centralized Finance (CeFi).

DiFi Swap Swap is a newer, open-source, peer-to-peer financial system that is decentralized, like DeFi to a certain extent with limited supervision by custodians. Custodians are responsible for the verification of new users when they join their DiFi Swap platforms. DiFi Swap also provides crypto services like trading, borrowing, lending, swapping, Staking, Mining, Shop and so much more.

With DiFi Swap, users possess their private wallet keys, and they can perform peer-to-peer crypto transactions with other users that have been verified by Know-Your-Customer (KYC). Unlike Defi, which provides limited cross-chain swap, DiFi Swap promises easier and faster cross-chain swapping by logging all transactions on the DiFi Swap network into a universal blockchain ledger. This DiFi Swap application is facilitated by the provision of IOU (I owe you), which are 1:1 analogues of existing cryptocurrencies, e.g. Bitcoin.

Also similar to DeFi, DiFi Swap provides users with their private keys and the ability to access their wallets across several DiFi Swap apps. However, unlike DeFi and similar to CeFi, DiFi Swap users need to be verified, usually by KYC, before creating wallets. Their crypto assets are stored in custodial wallets provided by the platform when they are signed on (similar to CeFi exchanges). DiFi Swap combines true DeFi decentralization – Private wallet keys, peer-to-peer transactions, elimination and middlemen with the trust and security of CeFi – KYC verification for all users and centralized custodial wallets.

Difi-Swap will launch on BSC Binance is world’s largest Crypto exchange.

Analyst Dan Fortnite sees DiFi Swap with a conservative price target of 23$ on launch onto the open exchange. DiFi Swap main site here

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