DisplayRide partners with LegalRideshare to provide rideshare drivers with immediate access to free legal support

This augments the Incident Reporting System provided on behalf of the driver to deliver neutral and detailed video documentation.

San Jose, CA, USA – December 17th, 2020 – DisplayRide Inc., an innovator focused on enhancing the rideshare experience, announced that it has partnered with the law firm LegalRideshare LLC, to offer its driver-customers legal support in the event of rideshare-related incidents, accidents and/or injuries.

DisplayRide’s Rideshare Monitoring Platform, through its Incident Reporting System feature, will be able to send video documentation, accident data, and other pertinent details directly to LegalRideshare’s attorneys. The evidence collected at the time & scene of the incident/crash, will allow LegalRideshare to provide free and detailed legal consultations quickly to DisplayRide driver-customers, ensuring they can take the necessary steps to protect their interests. If warranted, the law firm will offer legal representation to the driver on a contingency basis. 

Bryant Greening, an attorney and co-founder of LegalRideshare, said he sees great value in DisplayRide’s technology. “Evidence collected at the scene of a crash or during an alleged incident can make or break an injury claim,” Greening said. “Our client’s rights and interests will be better protected through DisplayRide’s innovative incident reporting feature.” 

The Incident Reporting System allows DisplayRide’s driver-customers to – at the click of a button – send neutral video footage to the rideshare company, LegalRideshare, insurance carriers or anyone else, thereby insuring that the incident is fairly and efficiently assessed. Such data is significantly beneficial to the driver as well as any entity investigating the incident, in terms of costs, equity and justice.

“Our partnership with LegalRideshare reflects our continued commitment to add value to our driver-customers,” said Abdul Kasim, CEO of DisplayRide. “In a post-Prop 22 environment, protecting drivers’ interests takes on an added urgency. In fact, all of our features are designed to have a meaningful impact to our driver-customers, and contribute to delivering a safe and pleasant rideshare experience, economically.”

DisplayRide’s Rideshare Monitoring Platform offers a host of additional services, including an advertising platform. It is easily integrated to rideshare platforms through an API. 

About DisplayRide

DisplayRide’s mission is to enhance the rideshare experience, for riders, drivers and the rideshare companies.  Founded in 2018, the company’s flagship platform offers features aimed at improving safety and efficiency, while leveraging monetizing opportunities.  For more information, please contact us: info@displayride.com

About LegalRideshare

LegalRideshare is the first law firm in the United States to focus exclusively on Uber®, Lyft®, delivery and gig worker accident and injury claims. Since inception, LegalRideshare has successfully secured millions of dollars for injured drivers and passengers. 

LegalRideshare is the national voice for rideshare accident, safety and policies matters. LegalRideshare has been featured on Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNN, CBS, ABC News, Fortune, Forbes, and the Washington Post: http://www.LegalRideshare.com

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