Donnette Dawn Thomas Partnership Aids At-Risk Children at Mindful Missions of SC

ROCKHILL, SC – March 19, 2020 – Donnette Dawn Thomas, entrepreneur and author of The Beauty in Business blog, announced that she has entered into a strategic merger with Mindful Missions, a behavioral therapy enrichment agency, to become Mindful Missions of SC.

The not-for-profit organization will be launching behavioral therapy services in several towns in the State of South Carolina. The agency will provide therapeutic resources for school age children that are at-risk and otherwise would not have access to those services and experiences.

The partnership is an especially auspicious and complementary one. Thomas provides adults with the tools they need to pave a pathway to success in their personal and professional life. Mindful Missions of SC works with individuals on the opposite end of the age spectrum and their families.

Mindful Missions was founded by Tonya Little and the organization merged with MDL Transportation to form Mindful Missions of SC. Mindful Missions of SC was created by a team of mental health professionals to assist young people and their families with a comprehensive range of services.

Mindful Missions of SC will enable a variety of therapeutic and enrichment services to be offered to vulnerable youth. Services are designed to aid children affected by situations that encompass abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, family dysfunction, and violence.

Children with behavioral and psychological issues react differently than other children to various types of stimuli. Mindful Missions of SC provides a variety of science-based therapeutic programs that includes psychotherapy with therapists and social workers, yoga and equestrian therapy, along with occupational, art, and drama therapy.

The merger between Thomas and Mindful Missions of SC offers a wide variety of new opportunities, therapeutic resources, and services for at-risk children to assist them in healing and building confidence. Together, the partnering will be helping to restore hope in the lives of children that need it most.

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