Farm and Field Direct Connects Local Consumers and Food Producers

Pekin, IL – June 8, 2020 – The COVID-10 pandemic has resulted in a variety of inventive ideas to help people obtain the food they need when supply chains were disrupted, and store shelves emptied. Dave Scott is one of those innovators and the founder of the Farm and Field Direct website to “Save a Farm and Feed a Family.”

The easy to use website connects individuals with local farmers for their meat, poultry, dairy, fruit, and vegetable needs. People simply enter their zip code on the website and they receive a list of local producers and farmer’s markets. When individuals click on a location, the website automatically places the address into the GPS of the user’s phone.

Scott launched the website in May of 2020. It has done very well and the response since the pandemic started has been phenomenal. It’s become an essential source of information and a food locator for consumers, many of which didn’t even know the local resources existed. The website is also helping farmers find markets for their products instead of letting them go to waste when usual markets collapsed.

The Farm and Field Direct method has a variety of benefits. The dollars that are spent remain within the community and supports local families. The products are extremely fresh, as they’re harvested locally and aren’t subject to long distance shipping. Purchasing in this way is also advantageous for those that may have food allergies. They can actually speak with farmers that are raising and growing the food.

Farm and Field Direct was especially important as a food locator during the pandemic. It will continue to be a critical connection between consumers and farmers even as businesses reopen, regular outlets for producers return, and supply chains are re-established. The website is an easy way to locate the freshest foods within local markets for a healthier lifestyle that supports communities.

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