Feature Opportunity: New Case Study by FlashCloud Intelligence Proving Data Enrichment Key to U.S. Business Success

A new case study by FlashCloud Intelligence is revealing the benefits of using data enrichment within the business community. In an age where the world is at our fingertips, consumers and businesses are faced with thousands of choices for how they want to spend their money. For businesses, that means it is often difficult to stand out from the competition. With so much abundance, how is it possible for brands to strategically and smartly target customers, close deals, and ultimately boost revenue?

That’s where FlashInfo comes into play.

FlashInfo by FlashCloud Intelligence Group is one of the leading data enrichment solutions for businesses in the world, with notable clients such as TikTok, SHEIN and AliExpress, to name a few. Its main goal is to help their businesses clients discover prospects and thus, boost their revenue. As the global leader in B2B sales intelligence engines, FlashInfo covers more than 237 countries worldwide, with updated professional profiles and company information. It also boasts an Advanced Prospects Filler, helping businesses to unlock contact info for over 500 millioncontacts and over 170 million enterprises.

In 2018 alone, businesses in the United States spent more than $19 billion on digital assets. Still, most of the marketers depend on aggregated demographic and behavioral data. The issue? These approaches are marred with missing, incomplete, and outdated records which often result in poor data quality. This is where data enrichment comes in. Data enrichment can be described as the way in which accuracy is improved in an organization’s existing database by introducing new updates and information. Quality B2B data or business-to-business data is the missing link that can help steer sales, marketing and revenue campaigns.

FlashInfo’s data enrichment benefits can be broken down into five main parts. The first one is advanced segmentation. The case study shows that businesses that break their audience into smaller interest groups have more success in revealing new marketing opportunities, providing potential for tremendous growth with enriched data. To better understand this, imagine a business wants to push marketing content to all the members of a certain firmographic segment, but their capturing forms or website doesn’t have this feature. To solve this, all they need to do is apply social data enrichment to capture this information from Facebook and allow them to include these leads in that segment. This has proven to be more efficient and effective compared to adding extra fields to forms, many of which will go unfilled.

The second benefit of data enrichment outlined in the FlashInfo case study is advanced lead scoring. Prior to data enrichment, this process was really more of an art than a science. In cases where little information was provided, sales teams struggled to score incomplete profiles, often resorting to guesswork. With enriched data, the sales teams can comfortably score in-depth contact profiles, and give a meaningful and accurate score to the incomplete profiles. This leads into the third identified benefit – personalization. Sending out mass emails and marketing campaigns is no longer enough to drive sales. Savvy marketers are now using data enrichment to take personalization to the next level, using it to craft bespoke copies and experiences very early on in the interaction phase with their audiences.

The fourth benefit identified in the FlashInfo case study involves something many consumers and businesses have become increasingly concerned about – data compliance. Jurisdictions around the word have imposed limits relating to what kind of contact data can be stored, and for what duration. The inability for businesses to refresh their database and ensure the record complies with these regulations is a recipe for costly legal action. Fortunately, FlashCloud Intelligence has proven they are ahead of the data enrichment game. Their processes can be employed to optimize compliance, complete with do-no-call lists along with other regulatory and legal requirements, saving businesses plenty of time and money in the long-run.

The importance of having high quality B2B data cannot be overstated. If American businesses want to not simply survive, but thrive in an ever-changing landscape, leaning on data enrichment through intelligence engines like FlashInfo are only way forward.

The entire data enrichment case study can be found here:


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