Financial Consultant, Robert Augustine, Releases “How2Thrive” Financial Book

Jan 7, 2021 – Author Robert Augustine announced the availability of his new book “How2Thrive.” The book is designed to help individuals take control of their finances and protect themselves financially in any economy. Veterans and current military members can obtain a free copy and learn how to turn their debt into a wealth plan.

“I have also set up a software program that takes clients from debt to over $1 million for retirement,” said Augustine.

Available on Amazon in a paperback and Kindle edition, veterans and military personnel can obtain a free copy of the book on Augustine’s website. Augustine is a John Maxwell-certified coach, leader and speaker. He’s also holding a free webinar and when individuals register for the special event, they can download the book for free. Augustine also offers financial analysis.

The author utilizes his extensive experience as a national trainer and speaker for United Services Planning Association, as a real estate agent, mortgage broker for Century 21, Coldwell Banker and ERA, and a credit counselor for home buyers. He addresses financial issues in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.

“If you use the techniques in this book, you can pay your debt, including your mortgage, in 7-9 years,” said Augustine. “If you do not include a mortgage, you can be debt free in as little as three years. Let’s change it now.”

Readers will learn how to use their money smarter and actions they can take to protect their money even in a less than desirable economy. Building wealth begins with creating a successful financial plan and Augustine explains how to accomplish that. Perhaps even more importantly, the author shows individuals how to make the financial system work for them instead of the banking systems.

Augustine’s “How2Thrive” book explains how individuals can begin their journey to success and financial freedom, along with easy retirement planning. The author provides practical knowledge on finance, economics and techniques that readers can immediately begin to apply. Augustine’s book provides sound information for anyone that wants to take complete control of their finances now and in the future.

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About Robert Augustine

After spending years in the mortgage business and insurance world, 21 years in the military taking care of soldiers, and as the stepson of a financial planner, Robert is uniquely qualified to teach on this subject. “I have come to know that it is not your fault that you don’t understand the financial world because the banks and your bosses want you to work for them and never see financial freedom. I passionately want to pass on what I have learned to everyone I can.” Said Robert.

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