First ever Corona Awards conferred upon 15 Honorees for Exemplary Achievement

CAMBRIDGE, MASS – April 22, 2020 – Recipients of the  first ever Corona Awards were announced Tuesday. The  Award is conferred upon individuals, institutions, or groups who have demonstrated uncommon valor, genius, innovation, or sacrifice in the struggle against the Coronavirus. It recognizes accomplishments in science, public policy, technical innovation, vaccine and drug formulation, social theory, and inspirational, motivational, artistic, even humorous content.

The first recipients, announced by Chief Judge Savithri Reddy, are Mixalis Avialotis, Dr. Keith Chappell, Bill Gates, Queen Elizabeth II, Cynthia Germanotta, Maya Smith, Dr. Amarachukwu Karen Allison, Lady Gaga, Rick McKee, Elon Musk, Sanjibani Panigrahi, Gabriel Leung, Chris Mann, Luiz Henrique Mandetta, and Michael Kountouris. Descriptions of their achievements can be found on the organization’s website,

“The main impetus of the Award is to encourage every kind of action that can bring the world closer to defeating the virus” says Executive Director Amy Chang.  “Anyone can nominate someone for the Award, and the nominator will be recognized with the Ambassador Prize.” 

The Corona Award is sponsored by MOOD, the Oxford Collective, the Yale Biomedical Society, Friends Beyond Borders, the Global Action Network, and researchers and students from Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, Berkeley, Yale, Princeton, Cambridge, and the Berklee College of Music. It is funded by a campaign at Donors can be invited to join the Board of Trustees, and the Prize Committee.

A donation is made in the name of each Corona Award winner to Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) to support their heroic work against the virus.

Many kinds of achievements can qualify for the Corona Award:

• Advancements in developing vaccines, treatments, tests, and preventive measures

• Innovations in creating and distributing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

• Effective content from Journalists, Bloggers, and Reporters spreading useful information

• Creative methods for assisting underserved populations

• Inspirational videos, podcasts, TED talks, essays

• Novel approaches for mental health issues related to the crisis

• Short form videos appearing on TikTok, Youtube, Reels, Lasso, Firework, etc.

• Cartoons and humorous content

• Imaginative campaigns on GoFundMe and other fundraising sites

• Musical parodies related to the virus, especially for songs from indices like the Eurovision Top 10, Afrobeat 20, Billboard Top 40, and Gaana Bollywood Top 50 songs.

To nominate someone for a Corona Award (and thereby qualify for the Ambassador Prize) write to

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