Gardening is Easy with The Plant Dad’s Heirloom Seeds and Tailored Solutions

Hyattsville, MD – Oct 8, 2020 – One of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is the addition of 16 million new people planning and planting gardens. Unfortunately, many of the products on the market haven’t accommodated needs of new or young gardeners. The Plant Dad was launched to address those issues and help individuals at every phase of the growing process. Those that join the group will receive 10 percent off on any order.

The Plant Dad is an inclusive online community of like-minded people focused on rare and heirloom vegetable and herb varieties. The Plant Dad sells seeds and provides professional garden layouts curated for the individual’s location and space requirements. One of the unique facets of The Plant Dad is that everyone is growing the same or very similar plant varieties for ease of use, predictability and better overall results.

It doesn’t matter whether individuals are growing their gardens in the backyard, on a porch, patio, or even indoors on a counter or windowsill, The Plant Dad members have access to advice, tips and guidance on the care and nurturing of their gardening efforts. All varieties are selected for the individual’s growing region and are compatible plantings.

Individuals will have staggered harvests so they’re not overwhelmed with the bounty of a single herb or vegetable and each comes with detailed instructions for success. For those new to gardening, there’s no confusing jargon with which to contend and no experience is necessary to grow food that’s nutritious and healthy. The heirloom varieties available are the flavorful and nutritious types that have been grown for decades rather than the hybridized types common in supermarkets.

Gardeners can choose from four plan options encompassing windowsill and smaller spaces appropriate for container gardening, along with larger spaces for raised plant beds. The Plant Dad is currently taking orders for the 2021 growing season and members enjoy free shipping. Gardeners can connect with others through the company’s forums to ask questions or share their successes. Individuals can change their plan at any time and the company offers a 365-day guarantee.

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About the Plant Dad

Plant Dad is helping gardeners reclaim the country’s agricultural heritage with heirloom herbs and vegetables. All seeds are sourced from suppliers that sign the Safe Seed Pledge to never sell GMO varieties and individuals can even save seeds to plant the following year if they want.

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