Give Your Bitcoin Transactions the Best Online Protection with Coinomize’s Mixing Services

New York City, Oct 28, 2020 ( Coinomize is a Bitcoin mixing service providing owners with user disguise of their transactions so that their BTC history cannot be traced by a third-party. A Bitcoin mixer or a Bitcoin blender hinders the tracking of transactions and wallet addresses in the Blockchain. Coinomize provides online protection and privacy of identity by mixing Bitcoins and without storing user logs.

Bitcoin Mixers help in disguising the cash flow of Bitcoins and protects assets and is crucial in keeping any online criminal activity at bay. In practical terms, the privacy policies of Bitcoin is limited to certain proximity because transactions are documented in the Blockchain which is visible to the public. Hence, any user history or transaction details can be traced and can jeopardise user-asset. This drawback of Bitcoin is addressed by Bitcoin Mixer and Coinomize is emerging as one of the best in their services.

Coinomize’s services are considered as one of the best in the existing market with its good liquidity, successful test runs with large amounts, and positive customer feedback. With a user-friendly platform, they have provided easy steps of sign-up and use. Just Enter up to five BTC addresses and send the coins you want to mix to the newly generated address. Only one confirmation is needed. Coinomize shuffles your coins and make them untraceable. They do not save any user logs or the users IP Address. All orders are automatically deleted. Once the mixing process is complete, they will send users new, clean BTCs, with the delay that is chosen to respective addresses.

With Coinomize’s, one can make their Bitcoin transactions untraceable even without any intricate technical knowledge. The user-friendly platform also allows for easy, convenient steps and the most user-friendly technical clause to obtain the best protection of one’s assets. One can decide how much fees they want to pay and how long the mixing process should take. More fees and a longer mixing time also mean more anonymity. Adding up to 5 recipient addresses makes tracking even more difficult and with Coinomize, users are fully protected. The Bitcoin tumbler will then distribute clean coins to these addresses when the mixing process is completed. Users can check the status of their order at any time via “Order Status”. If coins are sent directly, the transaction will be approved after only 1 confirmation on the Blockchain. After having received clean Bitcoins, users can delete their order via a button from their servers, otherwise, the order will be deleted automatically. They do not store any logs of your transaction and retain BTC addresses if the order has not been deleted.

Coinomize is a mixing service that allows Bitcoin owners to disguise their Bitcoin transactions so that no one can trace their BTCs back anymore. Without mixing coins, everyone can track your wallet addresses and transactions in the Blockchain. With easy customer services, by simply creating a support ticket, their team will respond as soon as possible, usually in just a few hours. Learn about the best Bitcoin privacy scopes at

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