Hood2Heights Provides Women with Tools and Resources for Financial Success

Nov 24, 2020 – Tanisha Jamison, founder of Hood2Heights, believes that earning money or being an entrepreneur doesn’t have to be a painful trial and error process. The serial entrepreneur launched her platform for women to provide inspiration, hope, tools, and resources to be financially independent and successful. She’s offering her Millionairemindset Masterclass that shares the methods and techniques she’s used herself to achieve success.

“At Hood2Heights, I assist my clients in how to create, manage, and build their own successful business,” said Jamison. “As a teacher, child advocate, entrepreneur, world traveler, and author, I’ve created a life for myself that I want other women to achieve.”

Jamison began her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 19 in an impoverished Cleveland, OH neighborhood. The curated programs at Hood2Heights are designed to teach women the process of earning money online, to think like a millionaire, and how to take control of their own financial destiny.

The Millionairemindset Masterclass, “Passive Income 6-Figure E-commerce Business,” provides intermediate instruction and shows individuals how Jamison began making a six-figure income with her phone while still maintaining her regular job. The key is establishing multiple streams of passive income and individuals will learn how to utilize drop shipping, the Internet as a marketing tool, and plugin software components to save time and money.

Jamison also explains how to identify reliable vendors, import products, and conduct an e-commerce business. Budding entrepreneurs will learn how to utilize social media marketing and stablish their business as a legal entity. Individuals will also receive access to a private Facebook page to converse with like-minded individuals, along with a free e-Book to reinforce what’s taught in the course.

Jamison is a noted author and individuals that want to learn more can avail themselves of one of her books before signing up for the Millionaremindset Masterclass. The books include “Passive Income: Self Credit Repair,” “10 Passive Income Streams,” and “Passive Income with E-Commerce.” Jamison also offers one-on-one phone consultations. Individuals can choose a two-hour consultation, a 30-minute High Impact call, or a four-hour consultation offered over two days.

The Millionairemindset Masterclass, books, and one-on-one consultations offered at Hood2Heights provide women with the information, tools and resources they need to achieve financial success. Jamison is sharing the hard-won experience and knowledge she’s gained over decades of ups and downs to smooth the path for other women.

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About Hood2Heights

Founded by Tanisha Jamison, Hood2Heights has a mission of empowering women to depend on themselves through the right education, conversations, and services to become financially successful. “By minimizing the impact of doubts and socio-economic barriers that limit them, we envision the women we teach to achieve their dreams of financial wellness and live a life that exceeds expectations. With the roadmap, support and tools provided to you, you have the power to adjust your mindset and build for the future you deserve. Hood2Heights strongly believes in your success. Now it’s time for you to do the same,” says Jamison.

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