Houston Realtor, Timothy Sam Sets Eyes On Houston’s Luxury Market

Houston-based Realtor, Timothy Sam, 28 is looking to take over Houston’s luxury home buying market. A bold move in today’s climate. The realtor has generated millions of dollars in sales over the past years and deems it time to expand his business.

 “I would say I’ve received a lot of push back on the idea of placing focus on high priced homes because of the unsettled times we’re in right now, but if anyone knows me, they know I love a great challenge, I thrive in adversity. The times we’re in right now definitely worries me as an individual due to the consequences this is going to have on so many families but as a business, I don’t see it being as catastrophic as it is being portrayed.” – Timothy Sam

The Houston Real Estate Agent is referring to the possible recession many believe is coming. Houston continues to be one of the fastest growing cities nationwide, with growth of over 40% expected over the next 4 decades.

“We’re still in one of the greatest expansions this state has ever been a part of wealth is transferring to Texas from states across America and foreign lands. A huge part of my business is also the apartment leasing market not just single-family homes, with those we’re able to create a streamline of future home buying business while still closing sales in the current market.”

For information on Timothy Sam and Houston real estate, go to www.timothysam.com

Feel free to reach out to Timothy Sam by email at ts@timothysam.com

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