How She Battled Adversity On The Front Lines To Become The Top Leader As A Tax Professional Precious Moorer Shares Her Story

Every flower starts the same. They begin as a seed buried underneath the dirt and it has to fight its way to the top to blossom into a beautiful flower.

Precious Moorer story is similar to that.  After dropping out of high school due to a pregnancy she was determined to meet success.  From high school dropout to CEO we asked Precious what makes her you unique she replied –

“As a teenager I stopped attending high school because I became pregnant. I was the person who thought that I would never end up pregnant in high school, however, when I became pregnant, it was my last year of high school. I started to have nightmares at night and delusional during the day, eventually, all of these things took over my subconscious mind on how people would view me in my last year of school so I dropped out. I didn’t let dropping out of high school detour me from obtaining my high school diploma so I went back to a vocational school and received my high school diploma earning a 3.0 GPA. I didn’t stop there I went off to college in Atlanta. Living from house to house thinking to myself every day I will not be another statistic, while carrying along my two daughters by my waist side not knowing where we would end only having a thought my head which is called a dream I still managed to dig my way out even when the struggle was still there I managed to maintain and hold my own weight. On the other side of things trying to figure it out and praying to get out of my situation. My daughters father died which made my life even more complicated because now someone that my daughters truly loved was gone. I never really asked for anything. I held everything in because I didn’t want anyone to feel grief for me. All I knew is that I would climb out of this terrible hole I never seen coming. Years passed holding my head up living here and there, fighting through my struggle attending college. I wanted to give up but I didn’t being a single mom and was never a walk in the park. I had 2 beautiful little girls looking up to me and depending on me for their every need which I had to make a way for them, while being a retail assistant manager at a clothing store named Its Fashion. I worked there for at least 3 years. My uncle and his family moved down to Atlanta from Detroit who owned and operated different businesses and brought me in to live with them, however, while staying there he started to teach me about finances, we would go to different workshops and meetings to learn different techniques. I worked beside him, meanwhile, he would train me to handle all of his finances, since I wasn’t working at the time, he paid me weekly, my job was to keep up his bookkeeping such as expenses, gross throughout the year. I then began reading and taking courses to obtain my licenses in the field that I started to desire. I franchised with a mom and pops tax company. I eventually stopped working with them and began my own company working alongside the IRS as a tax professional. What makes me unique is that I know matter what I went through I never gave up; I pushed through and raised my daughters with no help. Never held my hand out. I can honestly say I held my own. I was judged by so many; people would look at me with laughter because they didn’t understand, nowadays those same people are asking me for a helping hand”.

She didn’t start as a top leader in her market.  Precious had her ups and downs and now shares advice to those starting their own business she said:

“I know we have all seen a baby start from being a little 1-month old grow from rolling around, scooting, crawling, standing, and finally there it is walking. Boom! Now all of a sudden, it’s a toddler and here you are looking at this toddler thinking to yourself or smiling stating, “Wow, how did you learn to walk so fast you were just crawling!” I want everyone to view their business in the same aspect as the toddler, nothing happens overnight but as long as you keep at it, pushing, without letting doubt stir you away it will eventually happen. You might not have all the income and finances you need to begin but as long as you work toward your goal each and every day, you will eventually realize that anything can be accomplished. however, if that baby never gave up from learning how to walk, neither should you give up on your dream. Know your purpose and follow your dream the world is waiting on you”.

Precious of living proof that it doesn’t matter where you start it’s where you end. We can find Precious Moorer on Instagram @1precious__

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