Ikona – Going Above and Beyond: The New Way to Purchase Art

Ikona presents its exclusive collection of curated limited-edition authentic Artworks by handpicked artists from across the world.

UNITED STATES – Ikona, an upcoming start-up, announced the launch of an innovative online art gallery that lets users discover and buy the most iconic pieces of Artwork by acclaimed and emerging international artists. The gallery features a curated selection of diverse offerings of works, exclusively available through Ikona’s platform. The innovative blockchain-based authentication mechanism complements Ikona’s unparalleled offering of original works, underpinning its position as one of the most transformative initiatives in the evolving art market.  

Speaking on the occasion, Marcel Slusarczyk, Ikona’s co-founder said, “We are excited to introduce the online art gallery to streamline the buying and selling of modern art using the latest technologies. We want to dismantle conventional boundaries and make the entire industry easily accessible to everyone by welcoming both seasoned collectors and newbies who may have little prior experience investing in art.”

With increasing demand from design-savvy millennial buyers and connoisseurs of contemporary art, Ikona offers a convenient resource to discover and acquire outstanding limited-edition art prints at affordable prices. Each print is produced with the finest museum quality materials and accompanied by a digitally signed Certificate of Authenticity. Each framed artwork ships ready to hang – right out of the box.

Ikona uses blockchain-based smart contracts to sign its artworks. This ensures that the artist’s intellectual property is secured, and customers will have peace of mind that they are getting certified and genuine work.

The company has implemented comprehensive systems and work processes to deliver a seamless experience for end-users. Whether you are a new homeowner or a designer looking for exquisite artwork from some of the world’s most interesting artists, Ikona makes it simple and fun to select pieces that match your style and budget.

“With our end-to-end structured solution, we wanted to make the entire experience worthwhile and inspiring for our users without compromising on quality or authenticity,” adds Marcel Slusarczyk. “Using our easy-to-use platform, artists can quickly upload their works, and buyers can browse the online marketplace to place their orders online. We do the rest of the heavy lifting to ensure artists get their dues and buyers get their products on time. We are committed to investing in the latest technologies to upgrade our solution so that we can always offer a cutting-edge platform to our users.” 

Ikona’s team has been working tirelessly to build an integrated economic and social ecosystem that will benefit the entire community of artists, art lovers, and investors. With the launch of the first-of-its-kind online art gallery, Ikona is at the forefront of the next-generation companies that are building innovative products driven by blockchain and NFT technologies. Led by visionary management and a top-notch indigenous solution, Ikona is poised to script another success story in the world of art.

About Ikona

Ikona is an innovative venture that is working with a mission to provide a safe, transparent, and secure platform to connect Artists with their audiences across the world. The company has developed and implemented an innovative in-house solution that uses the latest trends in blockchain and NFT technology to ensure the authenticity of all transactions on its platform.

For more information about Ikona and other inquiries, reach out via email or visit the website at https://ikona.art/

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