INbox-iT Brings Advanced Artificial Intelligence to Targeted Email Marketing

Hackensack, NJ – iNbox-iT co-founders Frank Corallo and Henry Skull bring some real heat to the email marketing field. Corallo arrives with a long track record of success, serving as CEO of Cloud Merchant, Inc and as a Business Development Manager of CardConnect, a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank. Skull holds an MBA, a BBA and a BSC, bringing together a complete package of tech, finance and marketing acumen that blends creative and scientific talent with top-rate entrepreneurial energy. Entering a gritty, crowded field, these two are convinced they’re offering something special. 

On the client side, it’s all about hassle-free results. That means seamlessly getting the right message to the right people, without the client needing to spend an unnecessary moment making it happen. It means easy access to a personalized Smart Control Panel that allows the user to quickly view and verify the results of all digital marketing activities—how many messages were sent, relayed, opened, clicked, bounced, and marked as spam, where geographically the messages were read, and where they were ignored. It means customer service availability provided by an actual human being via SMS, chat, phone or email, all day every day. It means the security of guaranteed and effortless CAN-SPAM compliance. It means messaging optimization and guaranteed positive Return on Investment within the first month. It means more exposure, more clicks and more business. Most of all, it means the client can spend more time serving customers and less time recruiting customers. 

So how does iNbox-iT make this happen? It all starts with what’s under the hood, which in this case is a deep-learning AI that analyzes the demographics, interests, industry, behavior, location and profile data of potential customers to ensure that the messages you’re sending are going to the people who are most likely to be interested. Anyone can send a message to 10,000 addresses. The trick is getting that message to the right 10,000. iNbox-iT’s AI engine crunches 1.9 billion email records a day to make that happen—big data, targeted results. From there, it’s a matter of tracking and understanding enough about user behavior to control the other important variables—shaping the message itself, the time of day the message is received, and the domain and subject heading in ways that optimize the likelihood that the email will make it through automated spam filters and be opened when it arrives. 

Past that point of initial contact, the challenge becomes one of following up and following through—creating and managing a subscriber list, tracking user engagement, and keeping all the data clearly sorted and readily available. iNbox-iT is there to help every step of the way. The goal is a full-service experience that invites the client to participate as little or as much as they choose, from full automation to smart tracking and a built-in private SMTP server that can allow users to send their own targeted bulk emails—quickly, professionally and at will. 

This is email marketing as its easiest and most effective, and the timing couldn’t be better. Currently there are 3.9 billion people on the planet who use email every day. That number will only increase in the years to come, with 73% of millenials citing email as their preferred method of business communication. The COVID-19 pandemic has driven ever more commerce on-line, with over 78% of marketing professionals reporting an increase in email engagement over the past year. It’s a dangerous time to be sitting on the sidelines or learning on the fly. The Content Marketing Institute reported that nine out of ten content marketers say email engagement is the top metric they track to measure content performance. Put simply, the professionals who know marketing the best know that business plans live and die based largely on whether emails get to the right places at the right times, and whether they find a receptive audience when they get there. 

It’s easy for even the best products, the finest of ambitious dreams and the most carefully crafted plans to get lost in the jungle of e-commerce. The right partnerships with the right professionals are essential. The team at iNbox-iT understands that it can feel like a real leap of faith to commit to a contract with an email marketing partner, regardless of whether we’re talking about a client making their first foray into professional marketing, or a client who has tried and tried again and been consistently discouraged by lackluster results. For this reason the company always offers a free 30-day trial alongside a no-commitment pricing structure that allows for immediate, at-will cancellation. Only messages that are successfully delivered or relayed will be charged, and tiered pricing is available for packages ranging from 30,000 to one million emails a month.

More information can be found at, or over the phone at (888) 816-7155.

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