Infinity Trunk is the First and Only Keepsake Trunk Impervious to Fire, Flood

Chicago, IL – June 18, 2021 – Keepsakes are more than just memories of events that happen in a person’s life. It’s a legacy that individuals hand down to their loved ones that have special meaning. Zvonimir Moric and Andrew Mahar, co-founders of Infinity Trunk®, understand that and have launched the world’s first and only fireproof and waterproof keepsake trunk that protects the past, present and future.

Handcrafted in Illinois from American-sourced steel and solid oak, every trunk is constructed with four different fire and water seals to ensure the safety and integrity of the items it contains. The unique keepsake trunks are 42” long, 21” high and 22” deep, offering ample space to store a wide variety of keepsakes.

The Infinity Trunk® is able to withstand one hour in a fire of 1200°F due to its intumescent seal that expands seven times its size to keep fire and water from entering. That same seal enabled the trunk to pass stringent water spray tests of 1,000 psi.

Each Infinity Trunk® comes with a document storage bag, a rechargeable dehumidifying pouch, and a limited lifetime warranty card. The lid is equipped with gas assisted shocks for easy opening. The trunk weighs 285 lbs. and white glove service is available.

Individuals can choose from two stylish trunk designs to accommodate any aesthetic and décor. The white trunk has a natural oak top. The black version has a soft, tufted top. Every trunk can be locked with a standard padlock.

Keepsakes are an important way for people to pass on the knowledge of their life and accomplishments. Fires and floods happen with little or no warning. Homes, possessions and precious keepsakes can be destroyed forever without the safe and secure storage that the Infinity Trunk® provides.

Keepsakes are the best gifts that anyone can give to the next generation of their family and represent timeless treasures for the future. If the unthinkable happens, no one ever needs to worry about what they want to save. All types of keepsakes will remain safe and secure in the Infinity Trunk®.

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