Inglewood House receives award for ‘Best Apartment Rental Community – Alberta’

CALGARY, AB – March 12, 2020 – Inglewood Housing Corporation (the “Company” or “IHC”), an experienced operator of affordable rental accommodation for active adults, is honoured to receive the award of Best Apartment Rental Community from Corporate Vision magazine – Canadian Business Awards 2020. 

Located just off the Bow River, Inglewood House offers an approach that sets it apart from the rest of the crowd. For the team working at this residential rental community, the development of community has proven key to its continued success.

Affordable housing involves finding a solution that suits the needs of individuals and allows them to live to their fullest potential. Safe and stable housing allows for the development of truly inclusive communities that work for citizens of all incomes.

Currently, Inglewood House is host to active seniors, hotel clerks, teaching assistants, and transit operators to name but a few. Thanks to the efforts of the Inglewood Housing team, a large community space in the building ensures that everyone can share in shared events. The result is a group of people who act as an active community, helping and caring for each other.

One of the many advantages of living at Inglewood House is the proximity to public transit. Inglewood House is a carefully planned development designed to encourage the use of existing infrastructure to the best of its ability.

This makes it a very attractive prospect, given that the Inglewood House is ideally situated one block from Inglewood’s iconic 9th Avenue, and tantalisingly close to a range of nature reserves.

For those working within the organization, and those who live in its housing, the friendly environment is key to the development’s success. This makes it possible to continually regenerate this 40-year-old non-profit so that it can remain as agile as a modern-day start-up.

When talking about housing, it is easy to forget a holistic approach. Inglewood House manages to excel both at the personal needs of residents as well as in a broader perspective. Linking the organization to community is not only what has made it unique, but what has made it into a tremendous success.

About Inglewood Housing Corporation

Established in 1976, Inglewood Housing Corporation is a not-for-profit that strives to improve the lives of resource-constrained Albertans to make positive, sustainable changes that improve accessibility to a broad range of affordable, high-quality housing opportunities while empowering families, schools, and communities formed for the specific purpose of alleviating housing stress among citizens below average income levels and create a continuum of housing responses that enable low income families to live affordably.

Safe, affordable, good quality housing is an essential foundation for building healthy lives, strong communities and economic success for all Canadians. Our vision is to ensure that more Canadians have access to housing that meets their needs and that they can afford.

We continuously strive to lift more Albertans out of poverty, and contribute to strong, more inclusive communities.  All profits and income derived from operations will be used to promote the company’s objectives.

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