Jey Daniels – The Ryan Seacrest of Tech

Early this fall, ahead of the launch of his much anticipated partnership with Waterloo’s “Velocity Startup” Incubator Program, the Forbes nominated consultant-speaker-producer took to Linkedin to tell his story.

Even for a tech executive and venture capitalist whose career in many ways has been defined by innovation and unconventional ways of challenging the status quo, Daniels true telling of his origin story and upbringing bring new light and insight into how his life experiences and journey to building a  global brand shaped him to who he is today.

“Dream or Die – because everyone else is Dead” – Daniels wrote on Sep 15th on his Linkedin wall. “I’ve always listened to the opinions of those who never saw the vision – but no more.”

And so began a campaign of nearly unprecedented, raw, and organic rags to riches, origin, and heart to heart video message stories of similar entrepreneurs and creatives who were moved by Jey’s work and chose to add their story to the post on Linkedin- nearly blocking the maximum post limit.

Even in an area where social networking tools allow artists even greater freedoms to connect with their audience, Daniels is a prime example of how authenticity can truly inspire and make grounds regardless of the industry you are in.

Jey Daniels has now expanded the operations of his global advisory and boutique consulting firm – BLACK DIAMOND LLC to operate in 3 continents, with over 12 full time employees with key clients including Microsoft, IBM, Tesla, and innovation sharing light with brands like Cadillac, Cartier, and Virgil Abloh’s fashion collective – “Off-White Inc”.

From film production to software development to executive talent management, Jey’s work is testament to his vision and passion for bringing ideas to life, and allowing ideas to flow.

“I believe that it its core – true success comes down to the people. Not what they do or how they do it, but who they are and why they choose to do what they do” – Daniels wrote on his website.

Unsurprisingly, efforts to reach Daniels were unsuccessful. When his publicist, Sophia Carossa, was asked via email about Daniels’ interview availability on a scale of 1 to 10, the message was returned with a 404 error email.

Likewise, executives at Black Diamond Pictures declined to comment. “Disrupt or Die” is no doubt a priority for the production wing, and it seems like their focus remains on maximizing the results for their upcoming executive conference Innovate your Life for early 2022.

In short, Jey Daniels is a high performance business coach, tech strategist, angel investor and executive producer who strives to bring quantum change through his innovations – regardless of the project size, scope, or budget.

His vision and artistic insight will be closely watched for years to come, and his progress will only further inspire as the world eagerly waits!

by Chandrika Collins, LOS ANGELES TIMES

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