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Las Vegas-based entrepreneur, influencer and marketing expert Jose Silvera, will release his latest webinar called “The $10,000 A Month Webinar” this 24th of September, the webinar will be a 3-day event for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to learn the necessary skills to brand, structure, promote, price and sell their products effectively.

The ambitious goal of this webinar like the name suggests, is of getting business owners and entrepreneurs that are making little to no money with their businesses, to the $10,000 a month milestone and above, number that 86% of small business owners in the US, don’t achieve.

Although the webinar’s claims may sound hard to believe or accomplish, Jose has already helped many companies make millions with his marketing, website design, and sales skills. Moreover, his business itself has kept growing in a steady pace year after year, it’s currently producing from $25,000 to $30,000 in revenue per month and has serviced over 60 small and medium size businesses in the last year only.

When asked about how Jose was inspired to create his new webinar “The $10,000 A Month Webinar” he said: “Being a business owner is one of the most difficult things in the world. Running a business can be extremely hard if you don’t know what you are doing, there is so much more involved in business than what people think, and a business owner must literally become a Jack of all trades to survive. Thus, the biggest problem that most business owners have, is lack of business knowledge. This has nothing to do with being a good cook, programmer, designer, carpenter, etc. It has to do with all the variables and skills that are not related with producing a quality product or service, I’m talking about knowledge in business planning, branding, marketing, sales, finances, human resources and much more. That’s why I wanted to do this webinar, to help other business owners that are struggling every day like me when I started my business years ago, and give them the senior data they need, so they can get a step ahead in the game from the get-go”.

“In the first few months of working with Jose and his team our sales have tripled and they’re going straight from there,” Alex Lease, owner of Outdoor Addiction Meat Processing said.

“I only have amazing things to say about Jose, he has been wonderful from day one, I was lucky enough to find him. He was able to take my vision and turn it into reality.” Rudina Ismalaj, owner of Urge4Beauty said.

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About Jose Silvera

Jose Silvera is an entrepreneur, influencer, author, digital marketing, and sales expert who helps businesses grow.

He currently manages over $250K a year in online marketing campaigns and has been many times recognized directly by Google and Bing Ads high management for creating some of the best performing ads with conversion rates over 100% which have consistently led to increased sales by more than 60% within the first 3 months.

Since 2013, Jose Silvera has built & upgraded dozens of websites and has created digital marketing campaigns for multi-million-dollar businesses, foundations, and organizations all around the globe.
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