LifeID, Leader in Decentralized Identity, Expands Professional Service Division of Business

SEATTLE – December 01, 2020 – lifeID, a pioneering leader in decentralized identity, is expanding its professional services business to support organizations looking to adopt privacy-preserving, GDPR compliant identity infrastructure.

lifeID is a leading expert on decentralized identity and has been building enterprise-grade solutions since 2017. lifeID is at the forefront of shaping industry standards at the W3C and other digital identity standards bodies.

“Businesses know they need to adapt, the question becomes how,” said Chief Executive Officer Tyler Boscolo. “We are observing a paradigm shift, and businesses are taking note. As experts in the space, we have groups coming to us, looking to understand how decentralized identity can be a part of their business strategy to create a stronger competitive advantage.

“User managed data is an important value proposition to our business,” said Jonathan Hineline, CEO of Bittrees, a marketplace for virtual properties. “We wanted to approach the problem in a way that resonated with our customers and fits in the context of our business needs.”

lifeID’s identity infrastructure is a GDPR complaint, privacy-preserving architecture that puts the user in control of their data, minimizing large scale data breach concerns to add superior business value. Much of lifeID’s solution is open-source to encourage widespread adoption.

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