Local Importer Has Southern California’s Rear-end Covered

Local Company Importing 92,160 Rolls of Toilet Paper into L.A.

El Segundo, California – April 13, 2020 – To combat the shortage of toilet paper and other necessary items, Flegenheimer International, a Southern California based customs broker is working with importers to bring toilet paper across the border. This week alone will see the shipment of 92,160 rolls from Mexico to the United States by truck and rail, since few planes are currently flying. They will be provided to food banks across the nation.

The question on the minds of many Americans is, “Why can’t we find toilet paper yet?” Experts say empty store shelves are caused by a fundamental shift in demand for a certain kind of toilet paper for use at home, as well as kinks in the supply chain between factories and stores. Yet there is hope. The main ingredients used to make toilet paper – paper fiber and water – are in strong supply. Production is being ramped up as factories operate 24/7, and experts expect a more abundant stock soon on store shelves.

“While we’ve been known as a company that focuses on perishables for the last 40 years, in times of need we’re well positioned to bring in other items as well,” said Rod Flegenheimer, president of Flegenheimer International.

Flegenhiemer International is just one of many essential small businesses shifting their focus to help meet the needs of the community during this current health crisis. These companies are playing an important role in ensuring that the citizens of the United States have access to the products and services to which they have come to take for granted. From overseas manufacturers, importers, freight forwarders, to distributors, truckers, and down to retail workers, the supply chain has never been more important for access to basic goods and services.

Flegenheimer International is a 40-year-old, second generation U.S. Customs Broker specializing in customs and other government agency clearance through the port of Los Angeles and all ports across the U.S.  They arrange for the importation and distribution of essential perishable and consumable products like seafood, meat, produce, pharmaceuticals and a host of other necessities.

For more information, contact Rod Flegenheimer at 310-322-4366.

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