OCX Cognition Unveils NPS Outcome Engineering, Delivering CX Initiatives that Drive Financial Success

Newly formed CX company created by veteran industry thought leaders to re-imagine NPS initiatives!

Scottsdale, AZ – March 5th, 2020 – OCX Cognition today announces its company launch and unveils NPS Outcome Engineering, a radical re-imagining of the industry-standard Net Promoter methodology. The new approach is designed to overcome the key problem faced by the vast majority of CX initiatives: their failure to deliver meaningful financial results.

“Companies invest in CX initiatives with a simple purpose: to drive change and business outcomes,” said Richard Owen, co-founder and CEO of OCX Cognition. “But less than 5% of CX programs succeed by that measure. Encouragingly, we have uncovered the critical factors that do drive results. We’ve created NPS Outcome Engineering so that we can better help companies put those factors in place.”

NPS Outcome Engineering is a new category of productized service. It combines innovative technology and data science that uses machine learning to extract maximum value from analytics with programmatic consulting. The company also produces research-driven insights that deliver the OCX Cognition’s value chain architecture to its customers. “We’ve inverted CX thinking to put outcomes first,” Owen said. “NPS Outcome Engineering takes an expansive view of organizational impact, data design, and operational integration.”

The company had been operating in stealth mode for roughly two years under the name Owen CX Group, a consultancy focused on CX consulting and education. “We’ve used the past two years to revisit the expertise our team members gained in 15-plus years spent working on more than 1000 CX initiatives,” Owen said. “Now we’re looking forward to helping more companies cast off the survey-centric view that’s all too common in NPS programs and replace it with a value chain perspective that actually accomplishes the goal of CX: improved financial outcomes.”

About OCX Cognition

OCX Cognition delivers the future of NPS. The company implements CX programs that result in financial value through its revolutionary NPS Outcome Engineering approach. Drawing on more than 15 years of CX expertise and 1000+ CX initiatives, OCX Cognition ensures customer experience success with a combination of technology and data science powered machine learning, programmatic consulting, and research-based CX insights and education.

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