Olympic Gold Medalist Cindy Brown Teams Up with Harvard Lawyer Raye Mitchell to Release Breaking the Insidious Silence: The Cindy Brown / Bank of New York Mellon Whistleblower Report

Fresh off a California court victory in the Cindy Brown vs. Bank of New York Mellon case, this report showcases the on-going crisis of inequalities in access to civil justice facing all Americans regardless of income or race and sets the stage for a long-awaited trial court showdown on March 15, 2022.

Los Angeles, California – Cindy Brown, the Olympic Gold Medalist and former Women’s National Basketball (WNBA) player, teams up with Harvard Lawyer Raye Mitchell to release Breaking the Insidious Silence: The Cindy Brown / Bank of New York Mellon Whistleblower Report. Available on Amazon for preorder, the report chronicles Brown’s fight to be heard and seeks the truth in finding the responsible party in a S.W.A.T.-like event in which Brown was evicted from her home at gunpoint. It releases March 15, 2022.

Raye Mitchell is a University of Southern California MBA, and Harvard Law School graduate, civil rights lawyer, investigative writer, producer, and expert on helping people be heard and tell their story publicly. She explains, “Through Breaking the Insidious Silence Ms. Brown wants to find the truth about whether Bank of New York Mellon is the corporation that ordered the S.W.A.T.-like attack on her and caused her to be evicted at gun point. Cindy, like so many Americans, has had to go it alone as a self-represented litigant in the growing national crisis of the civil justice gap and the inequalities in navigating the civil justice system. We aim to break that insidious silence.”

Almost fifteen years ago, Cindy Brown became the victim of identity theft, which lead to financial institution misconduct and the loss of her home in what is considered an unlawful foreclosure. Seeking justice, she went to court mostly as a self-represented litigant . Brown was blocked from having her day in court, and like many Americans, was forced to navigate an uncivil civil justice system alone.

Brown says, “In November 2020, I was evicted at gun point and living in my car. No person should have to endure that experience, so I am fighting for our collective restoration of dignity.”

Brown’s story has been captured by the media and has received over 200,000 views on YouTube. Breaking the Insidious Silence: The Cindy Brown / Bank of New York Mellon Whistleblower Report releases March 15, 2022 and is available for pre-order now on Amazon.com. The court documents that are at the center of the March 2022 hearing are also available.

“We will not retreat. Especially in this moment – as a global pandemic has widened inequities – our collective dignity and humanity requires that people like Cindy share their stories as tools on how to help others speak up, be heard, and find justice. Brown’s quest for justice has gained oxygen, shifted conversations, and is inspiring people to take action to ensure we all have fairness and equal access to justice. The Breaking the Insidious Silence: The Cindy Brown / Bank of New York Mellon Whistleblower Report and the mission served is about so much more than one person, one group, or one organization,” Mitchell adds.

Breaking the Insidious Silence: The Cindy Brown / Bank of New York Mellon Whistleblower Report is available for preorder on Amazon.

ISBN: 978-1-5136-9000-1

Price: $ 24.99

Length: 300 Pages

Publisher: The Genius Agency, Inc.

Copyright: 2021 The Genius Agency, Inc and Raye Mitchell


Raye Mitchell, also known as “Boss Girl Raye Mitchell”, is an award-winning entrepreneur, investigative writer, lawyer, diversity inclusion, and dignity expert. She is a master mouthologist® and content producer. She is helping people leverage their intellectual property assets to be heard in a noisy world. In her new podcast entitled The Mouthology® Show, Raye helps her audience answer the critical question: Your Mouth is Talking. Are you Being Heard?™ As a lawyer, Raye remains committed to helping everyday Americans be heard and gain access to justice in the era of a crumbling civil justice system that is anything but civil. Talking about the justice gap is devoid of discussion about Americans’ dignity gap when they go to court with or without a lawyer.

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Cynthia L. Brown, is an author, motivational speaker, a leadership expert on dignity in the dispute resolution process, Access to Justice for In Pro Se Litigants, and an A.D.A. Dignity Expert. Ms. Brown is available for keynote addresses, public speaking, and consultations for corporations, legal professionals, and individuals about A.D.A. accommodations and wellness leadership in all aspects of business. Ms. Brown is a devoted advocate for fairness, respect for all, dedication to living the dream of dignity and access to justice. Cynthia L. Brown is an accomplished civil justice professional and proud member of the 1988 U.S. Olympic Gold Medal Woman’s Basketball Team. Ms. Brown has earned credentials and certifications from the United States Department of Justice, FBI. In addition, Ms. Brown’s credentials in community service and advocacy for Americans with Disabilities and gaining access to the courts.

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