Pretty Portrait, a custom pet portrait company, announces its launch

HOUSTON – April 7, 2021 – Pretty Portrait is a new pet portrait company based in Houston, TX that launched in March of 2021. Pretty Portrait creates highly personalized pet portraits that are tailor made for every individual customer. Pretty Portrait’s primary objective is to provide their customers with the ability to transform their dogs, cats and other pets into unique artwork with minimal effort at an affordable price.

First, customers select their preferred template/costume from a variety of styles including renaissance/royal clothing, sports attire and more. Once the customer has selected their costume/template of choice, they upload a photo of their cat, dog or other pet at checkout on Pretty Portrait’s website.

From there, the company’s digital design team creates the custom wall art with modern software before sending it to the customer for preview. Once the customer makes revisions and approves the design, it is sent to production where it is printed on canvas in a variety of sizes. Once it is printed, it is shipped to the customer regardless of their location around the globe.

Value Pretty Portrait brings to E-commerce consumers:

• The ability to turn customer’s pets into a work of art in a convenient and affordable manner.

• The ability for customers to revise and customize their pet portraits as many times as necessary until they are 100% satisfied with the final design.

• The convenience of creating custom pet artwork without having to outsource the project to freelance graphic designers and print professionals.

• A portion of all proceeds are donated to animal/pet charities that help underprivileged cats and dogs.

The company has ambitious goals and projections for 2021 due the rapid growth and expansion of E-commerce over the last decade and the growing demand for personalized wall art.

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Contact: Jeff Dundas


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