Rebaid Platform Provides Exposure for Businesses and Savings for Shoppers

Dec 3, 2020 – It can be difficult for small brand owners and e-commerce sellers to locate and entice customers to try their products. Rebaid is changing that dynamic with a platform that enables business owners to offer rebate promotions on their products to enhance the visibility of their companies and products. The platform is equally advantageous for shoppers.

The deals featured on Rebaid are rebate promotions with cashback of up to 100 percent off the purchase price, depending on the business. Thousands of promotions are offered, Rebaid has over 200,000 shoppers each month, and it has a Trustpilot rating of excellent. Items range from dietary supplements and dog products to jewelry and culinary tools.

It’s easy for business owners to start with the Rebaid three-step process. Business owners begin by submitting information about their product, along with a photo, description, product ratings, and assign a name to their campaign. Individuals then enter the rebate promotion percentage they want to offer, set the number of rebates available, and the duration of the campaign. Payment for the first day of rebates is required and the campaign will be available to Rebaid shoppers within two hours.

Shopping is an equally easy process. Individuals can browse hundreds of products on Rebaid through multiple search criteria with discounts of up to 100 percent off the purchase price. Simply click the “claim rebate button” on the offer page. Customers will be taken to Amazon to make their purchase. After a purchase is made, customers return to Rebaid to confirm their purchase and order number. The rebate is then processed.

The site is free for consumers to use with no membership fees. Rebaid requires no credit or debit card numbers and all purchases are made on the Amazon website. Rebates can be delivered via direct deposit or check as the customer desires. Rebates initiated by direct deposit can arrive in as little as three days and the platform is especially timely with the holidays fast approaching.

It’s becoming more difficult for e-commerce and small business owners to navigate online marketplaces and they’re faced with an increasing number of challenges. Rebaid offers an easy-to-use platform where business owners can introduce customers to their products and utilize rebates as incentives designed to enhance visibility and increase profitability.

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About Rebaid is a platform where e-commerce sellers and small brand owners offer promotions on their new products. The deals featured are rebate promotions with cashback rebates up to 100 percent off the purchase price. Thousands of promotions are released each month and over 200,000 shoppers use Rebaid. Rebaid is rated Excellent by Trustpilot and is one of the fastest growing online deal sites.

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