Restart 2020 – The Book that aims to Re-Engineer Human lives

New Delhi – March 11, 2021 – To spread a belief to build a life that feels good inside, Restart 2020 has been launched. The book helps people to understand human life from its basics and enlighten them. The book comes with a range of resources that help one bring changes in their daily lifestyle, grow within inside and not just from outside. The book is best to understand human re-engineering to understand life better and work towards self-improvemnt to better this planet. From the universe to supernatural powers, the book has 30 chapters that inspire human beings to re-engineer themselves. 

With Restart 2020, readers get an in-depth understanding of the universe and how it works. On the other hand, the book also reflects human life from beginning to end. Restart 2020 is crafted to understand various aspects of life, energies, and frequencies. Read Restart 2020 to understand life better and make this planet a better place to live. 

The book talks about human life and the universe to understand nature that brings changes in the lives, understand the planet earth better, and make this planet a better place to live.

According to Rishabh, “Every problem has a solution, as problems are manmade,” and he was in a quest to find the solution to all the problems that exist in today’s world. Rishabh believes, with Restart 2020, readers can enlighten themselves and make this planet a better place for all humankind. “Motive behind writing Restart 2020 is to make this planet a better place to live and make readers aware about human machines,” he said further.

Nidhi believes “Everything in the cosmos happens for a reason and happens for the best,” and this is what pushed her to write Restart 2020. Speaking on the launch, Nidhi said that “Restart 2020 lightens the purpose of humans on the planet and how to make it a better place for all species.”

Inspired by each other, Rishabh and Nidhi believe that the blissful soul of Sai Baba has guided them throughout the journey of Restart 2020. The book is available for purchase on Amazon, Goodreads, Flipkart, and Book Baby.  

About Rishabh: 

Being inspired by his grandfather, Rishabh Jain thought about writing the book at a very young age. He holds an honors degree in International Business. Other than being a creative writer and an entrepreneur, he is also a curious person.

About Nidhi: 

Currently pursuing a Master’s in Construction Management from Deakin University, Melbourne, Nidhi Saraswat is also an active writer. 


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