Rick Justus Announces King & Justus World Abundance League

Rick Justus announced that he has created King & Justus World Abundance League (WAL) to gamify abundance.

Mr. Justus says, “Our purpose is to help leaders achieve abundance 20 years faster. For clarity, we believe abundant leaders can achieve abundance 20 years faster, whether it’s your first million, first billion, or first trillion. To do this, we help them discover their exact purpose, design their abundant vision, and complete their exponential mission. We call your purpose, mission, and vision the ‘abundance game.’ This provides the ultimate context for leadership and access to an entirely new realm of resource.”

A select group of “professional abundance players” have already been admitted into the league starting in 2021, including a gentleman Justus calls Warren Buffet 2.0, a lady destined to join the ranks of the best “star makers” in history, and even a Christian pastor and his son with a network of hundreds of pastors and 115,000 members.

“The World Abundance League was created for those who want to solve grand challenges for humanity and build multi- million-, billion-, trillion- and quadrillion-dollar organizations,” says Monique Justus, co-founder of King & Justus.

“We are excited to accept WAL players from all seven organizational types, including business, education, family, religion, government, arts and entertainment, and media. We’ve spent the past 8 years redesigning the game itself so we could launch a league that mimics major sports leagues,” says Mr. Justus.

WAL players are trained to become “abundant leaders,” the most advanced leaders in the world. In addition, they must abide by the Circularity Playbook, which reveals the world’s first and only abundance operating system – Circularity (cOS) – engineered and designed in the trenches of the real world from 22,000 CEO engagements in more than 60 countries over 34 years.

Each Abundance Inflection Point, from one million to 300 billion and beyond, contains 12 “abundance codes,” the strategy and tactics and roles and competencies required for quantifiable quantum leaps in growth. Rick Justus and Monique Justus, his co-founder and co-author, are currently rewriting the first 50 books before they complete a total of 144 books. They rewrote 24 books in 2020 and will spend 2021 editing, completing, and publishing these.

Each player plays their own “abundance game,” where their true chance of greatness lies, and aims to achieve the next Abundance Inflection Point 20 years faster.

Mr. Justus says, “This isn’t just a creative spin on what already exists. This literally reveals the Abundance Matrix so anyone can achieve abundance, stay there, and ascend higher.”

King & Justus HyperspaceX, a semi-secretive grand challenge lab run by Mr. Justus, has solved many grand challenges with a view towards solving abundance for humanity.

WAL is their latest grand solution.

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