RSquared Debuts AI-Powered Workforce Intelligence Platform

Platform provides actionable, data-driven insights into the state of your company’s organizational health.

MENLO PARK, CA – July 28, 2020 – RSquared, an artificial intelligence (AI) startup based in Menlo Park, California, announces the general availability of its flagship product in the emerging workforce intelligence platform market.

The RSquared platform – delivered as a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering – analyzes how well your employees communicate, collaborate, engage with, and include each other, and how effectively they work together to drive business success.

The benefits are significant – and measurable. In the current pandemic environment, you can ensure that remote employees are productive and engaged with their colleagues globally. You can use real data to measure the elusive quality of diversity and inclusion, and track it over time. When rightsizing, you can make smarter retention decisions. During M&As, you can perform rigorous organizational due diligence in just hours to ensure cultural compatibility.

For organizations that are concerned about a potential toxic work environment – a subject that is top of mind in the C-suite today – you can get invaluable early warnings and insights from an RSquared analysis.

“The time savings when performing due diligence for an acquisition are invaluable, but even more significantly, we finally have transparency into the organizational health of a company’s people and their relationships that previously were impossible to obtain,” said Tom McDonough, CEO, TJM Capital Partners. “RSquared fills a former black hole in the due diligence process.”

The results of an RSquared analysis – which is performed without disrupting your employees’ daily activities – are delivered within hours via an executive dashboard that includes actionable data-driven results as well as graphical representations that illuminate their meaning.

RSquared replaces traditional employee and executive surveys as well as supplementary data derived from interviews and employee assessments that previously took months to administer and assess. Not only are these traditional methods of measuring employee attitudes time-consuming and costly, their results are rarely dependable.

Alternatively, RSquared analyzes the organizational health of your business by analyzing digital interactions of your employees, using AI and natural language processing (NLP) to understand the content and sentiment of employee communications. This allows you to securely track and evaluate at any level how well aligned your employees are with corporate goals, actions, and aspirations.

“RSquared has invented a truly innovative solution that finally solves the problem of knowing exactly what is going on culturally within an organization,” said Arvin Patel, former executive vice president and chief intellectual property officer, Tivo and frequent Forbes contributor. “I’ve often written about the impact of positive culture on innovation and success. Diversity and inclusion along with engagement and collaboration are key behavioral ingredients. If the RSquared solution had been used at Wells Fargo, WeWork, Uber, Boeing, or other organizations impacted by cultures that had gone awry, it would have issued immediate red alerts – and pinpointed the precise reasons why.”

RSquared has been in beta release for six months. Top benefits early customers have experienced when deploying RSquared include:

  • Measuring employee engagement to prioritize WFH vs return to the office decisions
  • Supporting strategic DEI initiatives with actual inclusion data (and trended over time)
  • Providing PE firms unique insights on both portfolio and target companies

Who We Are

RSquared was founded in 2018 by serial entrepreneurs – and brothers – Sreekanth Ravi and Sudhakar Ravi, and pioneering serial CEO Dan Udoutch.

Sreekanth and Sudhakar together started and achieved successful exits from two previous tech companies: Code Green Networks (a successful M&A with Digital Guardian in 2015) and Sonic Wall (successful IPO in 1999). Dan was CEO of Code Green Networks, and previous to that held executive roles at NavTeq, Netscape, and Commerce One.

Together, the three founders are well known in the technology industry as inventors and business leaders who benefit from being always slightly ahead of the curve. They have repeatedly introduced innovative products and services that first defined and then dominated emerging markets.

“An immense amount of academic research points to the critical importance of culture within enterprises,” says Dan Udoutch, CEO, RSquared. “A culture of engagement, innovation, retention and inclusion inevitably drives better results. The challenge has been measuring and tracking the ground truth. RSquared is the “last mile” product that can unlock these values for enterprises.”

About RSquared

RSquared is a workforce analytics platform that assesses how well aligned your employees are with corporate goals, actions, and aspirations by analyzing the digital interactions of employees using artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP). You get actionable results in days, not weeks or months.

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