SlidesLive’s New Library: Eternal Vaulting

Recently, SlidesLive has announced their plans to release a new online library with an upgraded design, improved aesthetics and an easier-to-use interface. The latest technology implemented by the company allows for longer storage — up to 1000 years — of talks upvoted by SlidesLive users.

SlidesLive records thousands of conferences from academic talks to seminars to workshops and stores them in an online library for public use. SlidesLive users can then vote for their favorite talks. The talks with the highest votes will be stored using SlidesLive’s DNA technology.

Co-founder Vojta Ciml plans to experiment with the latest technology to ensure the preservation of all SlidesLive recorded events and conferences.

“In the future, a few years from now, when we grow bigger and have more presentations, we want to experiment with 5D storage technology which will allow storage for a billion years,” Ciml said. “So one day, when people discover this little crystal and say, ‘What was it like in 2020?’ You’re going to see everything we have recorded. So that’s the future.”

SlidesLive’s new library allows for longer storage than ever before, ensuring that people in the future can look back on the conferences and talks of today to learn more about the current era, and that includes hybrid and all-virtual events. Anyone wondering how events worked during the COVID-19 pandemic can just click on a talk from that time and watch. It’s as simple as that.

SlidesLive has adopted a specialized optical disc to ensure talks and conferences can be preserved for over 1000 years. Plus, in the future, SlidesLive plans to experiment with methods that will let the company preserve recordings forever, one of them being 5D optical data storage.

Eternal vaulting is the ultimate goal, and SlidesLive is taking the next steps towards reaching it with the release of a new online library.

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SlidesLive is always looking towards the future, developing cutting-edge technology used to store content for thousands of years. The subjects covered go on and on, and SlidesLive wants to make sure that information is never lost. Limitless learning is now easier than ever with our online library of freely accessible lectures. Visit us at or learn more about our technology through our blog.

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