Social Media Influencer has Advice for Viral Lockdowns in Foreign Countries

New Delhi, India – Aug 26, 2020 – The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people in all walks of life, particularly social media influencers living or working abroad. Jules Christelle Fletcher knows first-hand the difficulties the virus has engendered. The 25-year-old social media influencer is originally from Texas, living in India, and is currently restricted from returning to the U.S. due to the pandemic.

The beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and travel social media influencer has traveled the world, representing and modeling for brands in the United States and India. The range of items she’s promoted is extensive, ranging from dental and hair growth products to detoxifying facial masks and those that help digestion. She’s especially well known for her sense of style and the garments she promotes.

The lockdown and travel restrictions have prevented Fletcher from returning home to visit and check in with family, but the situation isn’t entirely dire. She met and married her husband while working in India and the pandemic has allowed the couple to quarantine together.

Fletcher has been upfront about many things connected with the pandemic lockdown and quarantine that encompasses boredom, stress, eating habits, and weight fluctuations. She’s discovered that the stress generated by the pandemic has led to problems with hair and skin care that’s mobilized her to try new products to maintain her look.

She has been able to leave her home on occasion and Fletcher has taken full advantage of the freedom to visit some of her favorite local venues while maintaining appropriate precautions. The social media influencer has also discovered how strong the bond is between her dog and her husband. The canine cries his heart out each time her husband leaves home.

Fletcher wants people to know that they’re not alone in experiencing difficulties during pandemic lockdowns, even if they’re forced to quarantine in a foreign country. She’s growing hibiscus on her patio and strives to keep busy and positive. She continues to promote products across a variety of industries through the simple expedient of having them delivered via mail and delivery methods. Her words of advice – “Everything will be alright guys. Keep pushing.”

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