Strategic Paragon Services Produce More Leads, Increases Conversion Rates

July 5, 2022 – Service-based business owners often have a more difficult time generating leads and increasing their visibility than product-based enterprises. Strategic Paragon can help, with Google Ads and landing pages that increase click-through and conversion rates.

Strategic Paragon is Google Ads certified, identifying the company as an expert in online advertising. The agency is offering free consultations for service-based business owners to discuss their history with past advertising methods, their goals and what they want to accomplish, and explore custom angles to maximize results.

Clients can choose from search ads, display ads or both. When combined with the right landing page, business owners can experience a substantial increase in demand, along with leads to individuals that are already interested in their services. Potential customers don’t want to wade through complicated pages that are difficult to navigate, understand, or have negative content. Strategic Paragon landing pages eliminates all those problems.

Business owners invest thousands of dollars in their website, but little effort is typically devoted to the company’s landing page – the first page that an online visitor will arrive at when they click on a digital ad or email link. Strategic Paragon customizes landing pages to the client’s needs and multiple landing pages can be established to highlight multiple services offered by a single business.

Landing pages by Strategic Paragon enables businesses to connect with leads in a minute or less by phone. Businesses that are able to connect quickly with potential customers have two advantages. They’re 100 times more likely to actually speak with the interested individual and they’re 400 times more likely to convert them into customers.

Strategic Paragon are experts in the field of Google Ads to increase leads and capitalize on them for clients. Service-based business owners can now obtain a free consultation to discover how the Google Ads certified agency can help them obtain more leads, customers and greater business success.

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