Stryve Launches Online Learning Community for Tech Enthusiasts

Stryve launches an online forum dedicated to learning and career growth in the digital industry!

CARDIFF – July 15, 2020 – Stryve has launched an online platform for technology enthusiasts to share knowledge and resources, learn from each other and build their careers. They aim to close the technology skills gap by providing skill-building resources and helping tech enthusiasts learn from each other in a supportive community environment.

In a survey last year, Daily Infographic found that 70 per cent of employers believe employees lack technology and computer skills. Stryve built their platform because there was no forum committed to helping tech enthusiasts gain these skills, push their career forward and find jobs in a privacy-focused environment.

“We wanted to provide the tech industry with a community platform focused on learning and career progression,” says Stryve founder Dan Lewis. “We already have 2,500 communities based around a variety of tech skillsets, and we aim to keep developing Stryve to better support learning.”

Stryve is a collaborative online space for people of all levels to share, learn and progress. Each new member who creates an account can choose areas of interest and customize their news feed. Members can share courses, articles, podcasts, blogs, career opportunities and events. They can also review each other’s content and follow industry influencers and trending topics.

With their ethos of collaboration and values of privacy and control, Stryve hopes to transform the tech industry. They launched on Product Hunt, where they received positive feedback and were featured in top 10 products of the week. At Stryve, you can be part of a learning community where you can gain tech skills and build your career with support from others in the industry.

About Stryve

Stryve is a collaborative online platform where tech enthusiasts can share knowledge, learn from each other and build their careers. The platform is built on the fundamental values of community, privacy, control and transparency. By building a privacy-focused online community of tech professionals, Stryve’s mission is to close the knowledge gap in the industry.



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