In life and in business, basic training and specialized training are necessary in every way. There are some essential subjects that have to be marked by fire and repeated until the satiety so that even the most stubborn one gets to have the minimum of humanity.

One of the most prolific minds in our history, Albert Einstein, affirmed that the right thing is not to try to be a successful man, but a man with values.

Men and women with higher degrees, master’s degrees and specializations are in excess. However, the one who makes the difference is the one in whom he shows confidence. Hence, that the great fortunes have experts in the boards of directors, but their true fortune, in this case the knowledge of the founders, they entrust to their most loyal friends.

In this regard, a server, thanks to the values ​​that my family has been able to instill in me, I have been able to have great mentors such as those already described.

What I deeply regret, is that in the institutions in which I studied in my early university stages in Spain, I have not been able to perceive even a glimpse of these values ​​that undoubtedly are decisive in the career of every young person. In any case, the values ​​were the opposite, from competitiveness to political or ideological persecution.

The purpose of this article, although simple, is certainly complex. It is about fostering to teach reality instead of teaching only theories and concepts, as well as political ramblings.

Within the basic subjects, we can differentiate those of humanization and those of rationalization.

As far as humanization is concerned, its teaching is basically that of how to differentiate ourselves from wild beasts. It is useless to have the best file or the best memory if there is no coherence or reason, as well as basic moral principles.

Paradoxically, it can be seen that currently students prefer the overbearing teacher with narcissistic traits that humiliates and demands and that leads them to become competitive beings devoid of feelings, instead of admiring the teacher who wisely prepares them as a karate teacher arranging sweetness and firmness.

With regard to rationalization, it is necessary to teach students the foundations of coherence. Although they study at the best university or have the best degree, the teaching never ends.

In this regard, it is certainly curious to see how some students of highly demanded professions in their final years of study begin to denote airs of arrogance, simply because they consider themselves builders of society that, in truth, their ancestors could achieve from humility with an effort infinitely greater to the study of some books (no matter how complex the subject).

In conclusion, and following Winston Churchill, courage is what it takes to get up and talk; but it is also what is required to sit and listen. Therefore, never stop training, and even more so when you still have a lot to learn.

This post was written by Prof. Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez PhD. H., MBA., LLB, Advisor in Higher-Education, http://manuelfreiregarabal.com