The Black Air Bender, Creator of Alchemy Breathwork, Holds Special Session One of Miami’s biggest Breathwork + Soundhealing event Feb. 28

Miami, FL – Feb 24, 2021 – Devon Graham, aka the Black Airbender, is the pioneer of Alchemy Breathwork, a technique that utilizes nose-only breathing to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. He’s offering individuals the opportunity to experience a rare Alchemy Breathwork Super Sound Bath event with more than 10 sound healers at Flow State Studios, located at in Miami, FL, from 7-9 p.m. EST.

It’s recommended that attendees not eat for two hours prior to the event or perform a liquid fast for best results. Attendees are asked to make a donation. Fees will be deducted from the donation amount and tickets are available online. The event is hosted by the Black Air bender and the Flow state.

“Alchemy Breathwork is nasal breathing only and it’s transformed many lives,” said Graham who has 1000s of testimonials on his youtube channel Devon the black air bender. Ranging from type 1 diabetes to sickle cell Devon has proven the breath is a powerful healer.

Breathing is an automatic function that few people think about. Conscious breathing for greater awareness and health is an entirely different practice. The primary focus of Graham’s technique through Alchemy Breathwork is healing. Alchemy Breathwork aids in the production of nitric oxide that can only be accomplished through nose/nasal breathing to benefit the parasympathetic nervous system. It regulates multiple metabolic systems and aids in helping the body relax.

Nitric oxide is important within the body for improving circulation that carries oxygenated blood and nutrients throughout the body. Insufficient nitric oxide is associated with conditions ranging from diabetes and erectile dysfunction to heart disease. Graham offers multiple ways for individuals to benefit from his pioneering technique. Nitric oxide has even been reported in medical journals as demonstrating promise as an antiviral treatment for COVID-19.

Graham offers 1-on-1 sessions of varying lengths of time, along with multiple other ways to experience the benefits of Alchemy Breathwork for health needs. He is one of the few in the world that offers personal breathwork sessions extending all the way to a full year.  Individuals can receive Subliminal Breathwork for sleeping, multiple types of Alchemy Breathwork sessions accompanied by specific healing sounds, and those designed for running. Sessions for individuals and couples are available.

The Alchemy Breathing pioneered by the Black Airbender is designed to boost health in multiple ways. The special Alchemy Breathwork Super Sound Bath event provides individuals with a unique opportunity to attend a breathing-based healing session and experience the benefits for themselves.

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About Devon Graham

Known as the Black Airbender, Devon Graham is the creator of Alchemy Breathwork, an innovative technique that aids in health and wellness by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. He is also known as a Breatharian who has been on mostly liquids for 4yrs+. Since July 9 2019 he went from 80% to 100% liquids. His longest dry fast was 30 days; He is still growing in mass utilizing the breath in an efficient way. He was initiated in the art Bigu fasting. Utilizing what he learned with sacred geometry, subliminal reprogramming. nitric oxide and sound therapy to create Alchemy Breathwork

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