The Secret to Happiness Doesn’t Exist. A New Book Shows Why That’s a Good Thing

ISLAND PARK, NY – February 25, 2020 – Acclaimed author Selene Castrovilla has written about everything from Revolution-era spy rings to the equally harrowing intricacies of teen romance. But when her son suggested that she write a book on happiness, she knew that she’d need an additional perspective. So she found 25.

With the help of friend and co-author Dr. Lindsay Weisner and 24 experts from various fields, Castrovilla is proud to announce the publication of Ten Steps to Finding Happy: A Guide to Permanent Satisfactionavailable March 20 from Last Syllable Books.

The book is a candid, supportive, and absolutely unique guide to cultivating happiness. It presents ten steps, each accompanied by examples of clear, concrete actions readers can take right away to cultivate the habits of mind that lead to lives of happiness, purpose, and self-direction.

“We didn’t have room to include the secret to happiness,” laughs Castrovilla. “Which is just as well, since it doesn’t exist. Unhappiness can drive people to seek easy answers and shortcuts to happy. This book is a reminder — a friendly, detailed reminder — that happiness springs from doing the things that make you happy and sharing your joy with others.”

Castrovilla wrote the original manuscript as a warm, encouraging guide to cultivating happiness in our lives. Weisner, a practicing psychologist, loved the book on its own terms, and suggested that clinical insight might complement the core material nicely. The two friends kept discussing the project, and soon the book had become a full-spectrum field manual to human happiness featuring experts on fields ranging from money management to relationship issues, along with Weisner’s focus on mental health.

“I love this book’s balance,” says Weisner. “It’s as warm and fearless as I know Selene to be, and it’s also full of sound, practical advice from seasoned experts. When you need encouragement, you’ll find it here; when you need a few brisk but friendly words to get you back on track, you’ll find them, too. It’s like having 26 trusted friends with you, one of whom knows exactly what to say at any moment.”

The book’s release is in accord with the United Nations’ March 20th International Day of Happiness celebration (UN resolution 66/281). Jayme Illien, founder of the International Day of Happiness and United Nations NGO representative, calls it a “fantastic book.”

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About the authors:

As a child, Selene Castrovilla was thrown down a well and spent decades clawing her way out—metaphorically. Overcoming circumstances the likes of which have emotionally decimated others, she became an award-winning, multi-published author and a nurturing mother of two boys. She’s travelled extensively for book signings and appearances, sharing her thoughts on life and happiness along the way. After years of being told her wisdom changes lives, and at the prompting of her son Michael, she’s mapped her steps to happy for you! 

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Lindsay S. Weisner, Psy. D., is a wife, mother, psychologist, writer, and (regretful) PTA volunteer. She received her undergraduate degree from Georgetown University and her Doctorate from Long Island University. Dr. Weisner has wanted to be a writer since she was seven years old, when she painstakingly — and painfully — typed her first novel on a blue and white typewriter. The dramatic plot involved time travel, Madonna, and Raggedy Ann.Dr. Weisner owns and operates a successful private practice in Long Island, where she specializes in treating teenagers and adults with anxiety and relationship issues

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